New here... Kits out for the boys

New here so just sharing my completed Slr build

Metal gears, tight bore barrel + longer outer, M90 spring, 11v battery, AKA hop up hidden inside silencer, 4x flip up scope + red dot sight and a torch/laser combo with pressure pad.

My current project is converting a M97 shotgun into a trench ■■■ with real wood stock and pump. Possibly a metal heat shield too. Will post results when its done.


Looking good man :ok_hand:
Interesting choice of pistol grip

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Gday and welcome, that looks sweet, I love the two colours together.

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Thanks mate. I did a similiar thing with my m249 aswell. I think the 2 colours makes them stick out from the rest


That acr urs too :smiley: ?

Sure is, my old faithful


I had to look twice I swear it said Tits :rofl:

Welcome :+1:


Got some pic of it?
Sorry I got a thing for ACRs :sweat_smile:


Me too, and be got a tan and black acr
One stock and ones a beast!!
Love them both


Heres the whole family, beginning to feel like an addict :rofl:


Omg hahaha I was about to paint the handle and mag wall textured area black too, but wasn’t sure how it would turn out, now I know :heart_eyes: :ok_hand:

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Hello, im new here so this is this is a dumb question ahead.
Also the blaster looks like a sick build hope the shotgun build also goes well.
Just a quick question about the outer barrel and hop-up, so on the basic “normal” 32cm outer barral there is thread on the end, so im guessing that a DK hopup dont have threads so can you pls tell me how you get that to work.
Thanks heaps

Non threaded type secures to inner barrel via couple little screws

If your asking about the hop up on the acr its a DK-J10 which is threaded so it goes straight on your outer barrel. The non threaded type on the Slr is just attached to the inner barrel with grub screws as @icarus1314 said, you just need to leave enough inner barrel length to attach

Awsome thanks for that, so should i get a hopup for my outer barrel(the one in the pic on the right) or should i get one to put on my inner barrel witch has 2cm of extra length on the end.
Just asking because that outer barrel looks to big fpr a hop ip to slip on.

I would just stick to inner barrel hopups to be honest because then you shoul have room to attach things to your outer barrel like silencers and stuff

Heres the slr with the silencer removed, the AKA hopup fits inside easy. Not sure if the DK ones are bigger or not

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Awsome thanks heaps for that.

Worker make awesome products

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