New Kublai K3 Gel Blaster

Wow this thing looks awesome.
The market is coming on now :+1:


Yus, that looks sick
I want

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Lol, Doesn’t that carbon fibre look sweet :money_mouth_face:

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looks so great, i want it too

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Damn you, looks like I’m buying a 4th toy. :sweat_smile:


What ? Your only getting one ?
There are 3 different lengths , just saying :joy:

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Well using the Azrael project, short and thick did the trick…MPX over Titan :rofl:

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Yeah but long and lean is very mean !
Titan over MPX :rofl:

is it Gas or electric

They are electric , would love to see a gas version :money_mouth_face:

Mate they look like they are using a similar nice Phantom Extremis 7 receiver as the MPX but with some very cool ancillary items. Oh and a lovely carbon fiber butt stock.
Do you have any info on the box inside?

That’s what I thought also but I don’t know anything more than the video I posted.
That one in the video is called the competition version so I guess there will be different versions available when they ship

Trying to buy this toy, but think I will have to alas build my own again.
Check this link, I think it is a nylon receiver. Did it say anywhere that it was a metal receiver?

No it didn’t say .

That nylon one looks very nice and is probably the one in the video idk ?
I don’t mind nylon receivers at all, they have advantages over the metal and look just as good :+1:

Yeah Nylon is more forgiving with tight tolerances with but stocks and hand guards.

Available for pre-order:

Gelballundercover have the K3 for sale (says “2 in stock”) Not much info on it though.


k4. anyone know when we can buy these?

That’s the only place I have seen them.
There are a few videos floating around but I thought they wouldn’t be out for atleast 6 months or more

@Rattler I agree mate. Been browsing a lot lately… Haven’t seen the Kublai k4 yet but its production seems to have stopped so I don’t think you’ll be seeing these in stores until a while later and based on the k3 and older kinds it’ll probably be up in the 500 ~ 600$ range. :thinking: