New Kublai pistol. KUBLAI P1 YSY1902

Perhaps this will be decent?

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How mad does this look been interesting what’s next as ive heard it’s gas powered so if that’s got the green light then only matter of time before theres a gas rifle.


Yep is 100% GBB, runs on 134a. But the easiest way to get gas in it in Australia is buying Air Duster Tins which most likely contain 154a. 134a is hard to get in aerosol these days as most of the world is phasing them out due to it depleting the ozone. There will be no difference in FPS between refrigerant types.

Its running on this gas as the gun is more than likely ABS or Nylon. 154a Gas is stored at a slightly lower pressure to Propane(Green Gas) therefore the FPS is lower. Green Gas/Propane is typically for Metal Slide guns. You could probably use Propane in the P1 safely but its life cycle will suffer.

So start stocking up on Air Duster Aerosols and get some nozzles.

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Wasn’t sure if it was gas, so it probably won’t be legal here. Also, I wouldn’t use it if it’s a gas that is not ozone friendly.

Do you use Aircon? Because it the same gas as Aircon. And 154a it heaps more ozone friendly than 134a. But some research will tell you that. I done tonnes of it last night, only reason I am all studied up on it.

Also, legality is not an issue. Gel Blasters are Replica Guns that happen to shoot gels, what is inside does not count for anything.

Also I’m making an educated guess that the FPS will be in the 240-280 range.

Let’s not get into an environmental war - yeah I do use an AC, in the last 15 years I haven’t had to recharge the gas, so there is that. I wasn’t trying to be all high and mighty about it. Just saying, if there is another alternative, then it’s better. I also realise that the nylon and stuff the pistol is made from, manufacring process, shipping etc also does damage to environment… So let’s not go there…

As for legality on gas powered, I can’t remember the exact wording of the laws… I hope it says that can’t use compressed air to fire ammunition, because gel is not a ammunition. Personally I think the laws are stupid. And I live in VIC so I have it worse than most of you.

Everything I look at I have to consider how I can turn it into a sci-fi looking thing so it’s still cool, functional, but does not look like a replica firearm. :roll_eyes:
(remember, I’m on your side, I started this topic!)

Anyway, back to the topic…
Does anyone have any other info on this blaster? All I know is what’s in that video I posted :slight_smile: From what I’ve seen so far, I want one!

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I am guessing they will use CO2

No way in the world it’s C02, the 12g canisters are 800psi. The air duster tins are well below 200psi. Propane/Green Gas tops out at about 220psi on a hot day.

You could probably punch green gas/propane into it but it will be like putting a 1.5 spring in a gearbox with plastic gears. :rofl:

Haha yer I was not worried with what you said. I’m so damn excited also.

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Haha another Vic here to so I know all about our stupid laws that most other states don’t have. To some it up if it’s fun, amusing or good past time… It’s made illegal

Yes manufacturing the gel blasters may be harmful the ozone but it’s ok because their made in China and not in our beautiful country lol😝

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Looks like it’s gonna use r134a

Yeah man that’s correct. It’s what they call in America Duster Gas, the gas used in aerosol Duster Tins for blowing dust out of electronics.

One problem, 134a is being phased out in the entire world due to its ozone depleting attributes, as it’s a refrigerant.

But that’s were 144a and 154a come in, both also refrigerants. But not as harmful to the environment. I can’t seem to find 144a anywhere in Australia at the moment. But there is ass loads of 154a. This is what I am going to use…

Also to note, it will be possible to use Propane out of a camping disposable canisters but you may need to do some gun upgrades first. Propane will probably give about a 10-20% fps gain.

Also, so you know what to look for in other brands. The contents of ‘Falcon Dust Off’ is Difluoroethane, according to its MSDS. Diofluoroethane is refridgerant 154a.

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Sweet cause I had a look and couldn’t find fuck all. Anyone know a release date?

Today I think… Well, no, but here is an unboxing


Golly gosh!

That looks awesome.

But are they going to make it to Australia?

PS Is that just a can of compressed air that it comes with?

Only the gods know @IronSpear if we will get them. Hope we do but…

Yeah my fingers are crossed that they make it here with no issue. By reading the description it looks as if P1 was not the final version and they are now improving it with a P2 model.

saw a video the FPS was only 60 don’t know if that will be the case tho

I saw that too… Just before I was about to order one, so I didn’t.

60fps wtf??? tell him his dreaming. If he thinks many will sell. not on that low fps lol