New Lehui Aug of the box

Hi all. Im completely new to gel blasters. Literally just took it out of the box. Instructions in chinese but i got it all together. Charged the battery, soaked the gel balls overnight.

But it once i fill the mag nothing happens. Makes a great noise like it should be shooting but no balls come out at all. I noticed the primer thing cant be pulled back all the way. Only about half way. Its a 7.4V that came with it.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Hi & welcome.

That is not a LeHui Aug, mag different, no barrel retaining lever. Might be the cheaper YiTai Aug.

Oh. Im just going off the box.

Does your ejection ports on the shell both sides pop off. They are rubber on the LH Aug. Molded bump on the shell of the YT Aug.

That’s a LeHui mag with the step at the rear.

Suggest you contact your seller as it looks like the earlier and cheaper Yitai Aug.

Or I don’t know this is custom or something? It’s got bits of all sorts in the hardware.

Try dropping some gels down the ‘outlet’ feeder tube of the mag after you fill the mag as normal… then see if a gel pops up when you push down the button thingy…

Also, try turning the blaster upside down with the full mag in and see if gravity feeds a gel pop

Also try put an empty mag in, press the trigger and see if the motor inside the mag runs

Ok, at that price they must be clearing parts out and cobbled up a monstrosity.

Mag is different and there’s no front takedown lever. It’s a weird looking thing. Maybe it’s just because my eyes hurt :rofl:

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Funny enough it was $100 and after i bought it, it suddenly came down to $60 but sold out.

Its not a big deal. I bought it for the 11 year old.

Ive tried the suggestions, thanks for that, and i contacted the seller who basically said similar things.

Everything seems to work, but the only times the balls seem to shoot out is turning it upside down. It will shoot 3 or 4, then maybe 1 or 2 mashed ones, then thats about it. Nothing if its the right way around.
I think ill try a refund and get something more genuine.
Are there any respectable places to buy online?

I did notice too. The mag is emptying, even though it looks like only shoot 3 or 4 balls. So im guessing somewhere between the mag and firing out they are being mangled.

Check your T piece area. Check the nozzle see if the tappet return spring is functioning.

The mag is not electric… it has the push button thingy

When you (or the blaster) pushes the doo dad down, a gel should pop up

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Thank you. As an older guy i was clueless as to some of these descriptions. Doo dad i do understand ha!

When i push it down nothing pops up at all.

I don’t know how those push type magazines work. Maybe someone can explain how they work and help you find out why yours isn’t?

There should be some sort of cam or something in the corresponding hole in the blasters magazine socket that pushes that button on the mag each cycle?

My kids size SAW has that type of push button mag… but I have never used it pop

Oh sorry I didn’t know that o.o
So it’s some kind of spring loaded system or o.o?

Yeah, I haven’t looked into how they work… maybe one of the others have diagrams or whatever? I am guessing it is some sort of ratchet device with a wheel similar to in an electric magazine so when the button is pushed, the wheel turns enough to push one gel up?

Tactical Edge is probably the most well known gel blaster outlet in Australia.
Another would be Tac Toys
And M4A1 Gel blasters
That’s the retailers I know from Australia

I’d skip Tac Toys, others haven’t had much luck there.