New member to this forum with a great contact for gel blasters - Tribal Combat see below

if there is anyone out there looking for a supplier with a wide range of stock ready to deliver today please visit

I have recently purchased a MAC10 and a Desert Eagle V2 RX.

Shill ? Also on the forum we only support businesses that ship exclusively to legal states, can you confirm if this business complies with that standard


@Lisa_Kennedy got a 404, need to edit out the full stop at the end of the URL.

Ok so these guys are at Deception Bay.

Yes i can confirm that Tribal Combat complies with this standard

Awesome a business that ships only to legal states :+1:

Yes that’s right located at Deception Bay. I will try uploading the photos again.

Hi Lisa welcome to the forum. You’ll find a whole heap of great info here as well as really helpful members.

on a side note if you’re wanting to advertise your business contact the moderators first.



Thank you so much for your message
It is not my business however I can let them know if that is a problem.

Subtle as a chainsaw. Good luck with your business endeavour


@Lisa_Kennedy did you get the 4 pack of BY Mac 10 for $140 ($35 each) or just the 1 for $100? Great deals.

@Tiger why get 1 M82A1 Barrett when you can get a pack of 4 for the price of 2. :ok_hand:


Do us all a favour and back off spamming every thread with crap posts and attempting to incite trouble !


Does anyone know if this place is legit yet? XYL ARP9’s for $200 :thinking:

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Well they have a genuine web site with a physical store and a phone number


There are some crazy clearances, a set of 4 JM AK’s for $300, Set of 4 Vectors for $360. I want the wholesale these guys have


It is legit

$199 for slr or $220 for 4
$230 for 2 HLF ARP9s
$99 for 2 v3 m249s

Are the STD SLRs the same as JingJi?


Seeing a few similarities between this shop and the male order shop.

From what I could tell while looking, it was legit. So now to fight the urge to buy me a couple of std’s


Same company from a quick ABR lookup


That is correct.

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Lol bloody hopeless but boy that is a good deal :flushed: