New metal Wells gearbox

What’s the go with these new wells gearboxes, are they any good? Who makes them, are they actually Wells? I know it’s cast, it looks like good quality cast though.


I asked the tech at my local m4a1 and he said it was just a newer version, had a little bit of metal and better piston and head

Anyone knows if this will fit in the original m401?

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wiring to the mag terminals is an improvement

It does, You will need the M405 (the Wells MRT or CQB) T piece though.

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So is this a cast metal box, or nylon with metal parts in it?

Be good if they had detailed descriptions with some of their products. Then a lot of the other vendors use the chinese translated provided ones. Can’t even be bothered to write their own.


Yea f knows looks like plastic to me. Oh well

I have one in the honey badger, the thing came with a bad spring and stripped the pinion pretty early on, got fixed and upgraded, but it was 280 - 290fps right out of the box

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As someone who has felt with a crap load of cast products over the years… They cannot ever be as good as something milled. Not even close.

In terms of looking like a better casting, it’s very possible as casting quality can vary massively. However if you want a high stress quality box then don’t bother with casting. If your just wanting something to do 300fps every day of the week and not push it too hard then should be fine, unless you are unlucky and get a box with porosity in the casting. But then you have to ask the question why get a metal box when a cheaper non metal does the job just was well. There’s nothing you can do to eliminate porosity from the casting process or stop it failing if it’s there and the component is under too much stress.


Yeh I agree, I’m about to go to SHS gears, I’ve already got a new pinion head.
Yes you are 100% right cast metal is weaker than milled steel, impurities being the biggest issue with cast, the way cast metal cools too is an issue which can cause hardness issues.
I’m honestly just getting mine to 300 all day everyday and accurate and no more.


For sure. I used to be, though I guess still am, a jeweller. We also had alot of issues with reused metal. The lost wad casting method would leave alot of waste metal that you would reuse for the next cast. For some reason this metal would, for want of a better word, spoil after multiple uses. You could improve it by adding pure gold/silver according to whatever alloy you where carrying but after a certain point you just had to bite the ■■■■■■ and send it to get refined back to pure metals again. I don’t know quite why this would happen, I’m no metallurgist but when you see it happen over the years, well you see it happen. Add that to the list of problems like you mentioned with heating, cooling, metal flow into the mold… bah! Fucking hate cast shit. Poor product that in the long run will give you nothing but problems . Guess it’s just a case of if you want something that’s high quality and will last forever, just make it properly the first time rather than chase your tail fixing it when it breaks.

I worked for 13 years in an Australian factory casting factory Alloy car rims for Ford, Holden, Toyota and Mitsubishi. That industry is all gone now. That is another story.

What I did learn a lot about, casting is unique and done right very effective. Immense quality control. Flouroscoping each rim for porosity. Had a certain lvl of porosity, got reject and back into the monster furnaces it went along with another 1.5T ingot of ally. A car wheel is made to specifications exactly, a blaster toy is not, hence why they are so cheap. They are different animals for different product.

Done right it is great. Billet and machined is better these days as the CNC machines have improved greatly over the last 20 yrs and the heating/cooling does not come into it. Getting cheaper but still more expensive to produce in volume. Also time consuming. Cast is a lot quicker for repeat/mass production.

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Yeah the tolerances for that kind of casting is much better, the tech used to do it is on another level to what we had. We’d use centrifugal casting, basicly just spraying metal about and hoping it works compared to other industries

Casting thin metal like a wee blaster gearbox is difficult too… thin stuff seems to warp on cooling… thicker things tend to warp less. I have done (tried) a bit of lost wax casting making gear boxes for gyrocopter motors (sort of the size of dinner plates) and even tho i added webbing and thickening ribs, they always warped and needed machining.

Probably forging (pressure filling the molds) or die casting would be better… but gravity casting which is cheaper is more likely to suffer from porosity and weak castings like we seem to end up with. :thinking:

I believe all 3 wells line that come released with metal receivers use this new metal v2 gearbox. this includes the honey badger, mrt and cqb. got the mrt, but I haven’t been abusing it much.