New MP7 4th Generation


Anyone got their hands on the MP7 v4? Looks like the new version is all nylon.

I saw this video yesterday and was keen on seeing what you guys thought.

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I had a play with one a few days ago and yes it is now nylon.
The MP7’s have always been good reliable and cheap for your first blaster and now the nylon makes them a bit nicer.
I put it through the chronograph and it averaged 209fps.

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What max fps do you think it could reach with mods given its short barrel and vented cylinder?

Also what type of gearbox does it use?

With good mods and a good barrel its capable of well in excess of 300fps .
The ported cylinder suits the short barrel so it shouldn’t limit your fps.
I personally wouldn’t try to push an MP7 past around 280fps because it would be very difficult to achieve decent accuracy with the short barrel.


Yeah I was thinking max 250 to 260 fps.

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That’s a perfect fps range for this blaster :+1:


You could possibly achive that with very few mods

Sorry I missed this.
The gearbox is a Bing Feng special and uses a small 370 size motor but it has a decent rof.
Changing the spring is simple and there are also metal gear sets available now.

Would be good for kids right?

I think it’s a perfect kids blaster, not too gutless so they don’t get bored and not too powerful either.
And from the ones I’ve seen in std form they seem to be able to handle a lot of abuse.

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It’s a good sidearm / pistol-blaster (that actually works unlike g17 /g18 etc etc)


Yeah, I just like that it’s something different. I’m all out of M4 and AK enthusiasm


does the charging handle work the real one

Yes it has mag priming…is that what you mean?

on the real hk mp7 it has a m4 style mag primer