New nylon gen 8 gearbox not feeding

New nylon gen 8 gearbox not feeding had it apart atleast 20 times everything looks right but only fires upside down any help is appreciated

Does the magazine feed in a different gun?
If it does you’ve probably got a wiring issue which is possible if you’ve soldered it yourself. If it doesn’t, maybe try a different magazine.

The magazine motor works there just not feeding up to the barrel unless upside down

How are you sure it works?

I put a square 9 volt battery on magazine terminals feed gel balls to top of magazine load magazine into reciever and gel balls dont feed into barrel

Have you had the gearbox apart?
Is the tappet plate in the right spot?
Is the t-piece aligned?

Had gearbox apart lots of times filed tappet edges make sure not binding put stronger spring on tappet plate and lubed it and still not feeding gels

Can you try recording it in slow motion? See where the problem is occurring?

Any update on what was wrong? It would be good to hear what the problem was. It sounds to me like the magazine wiring is back to front in the blaster (wiring)?

If the mag motor contacts are reversed, it will be pulling gels out of the feeding tube, rather than pushing them up it…

After reading over the posts I’ll put my money on it being the wiring too. Nice pick bro :+1:

Yeah, hopefully the OP will get back to us… it is good to get actual closure on a thread asking for help… can help others with similar issues down the line :cowboy_hat_face:

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Yeah you’re right was the wiring around wrong way

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Hey john welcome back stranger. Shit time flys fast its already been 4 months since ya last posted on the forum. And slot has changed since then. There’s 3X as much threads and information gelsofts lovers can read. Hopefully you will stick around with us

I was just about to suggest the wiring as I had that issue yesterday.