New on ebay? Ihobby honey badger?

Out of the box was terrible, but after a piston and o ring swap it’s performing much much better. No idea on chrono results though

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there’s quite a few CQB builds going around that are reminiscent of the honeybadger. usually an NSR MLOK handguard and a suppressor that fits inside it works for the frontend.

Most of the stocks i’ve seen in these builds is of the ‘wrist brace’ or collapsible PDW variety. The honeybadger stock itself attaches to a receiver that has moulded sides for the metal stock bars.

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Hi, this blaster is advertised on our website as Firing Power: Approximately 210-230 FPS 270 is much higher than we have listed it at.

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If you have any questions please email us on [email protected] We are not on this forum all day everyday.

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I’ve asked you questions here for the benifit of the community on these new range of pistols


Hello, thanks for replying! good to see you here :slight_smile:

270 is after I replaced piston / spring / o ring


Has anyone had any luck finding a different cylinder head and nozzle that fits and works well yet?

Cheers for saving me some money boys :call_me_hand: had the honey badger in my cart before I thought to check on here. Don’t think I’ll buy from ihobby in the end

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Hey, did you end up finding anything that would suit?

Sorry no I didn’t, the closest was the Wells stuff

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I tried a wells nozzle and cylinder head kit - no dice :frowning:

But! using an SHS piston + alloy piston head, green o rings and an M95 spring Its sitting right on 300fps.

Previously it was slowly dropping all the way down and I thought it had to do with the grease disappearing in the nozzle. It was the nylon piston slowly losing it’s teeth hahaha

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