New owner of STD SLR.. what to do now?

So, I just bought a just released STD SLR, seems a pretty good bit of kit out of the box. Would the normal “step one” mods (ring, spring hop up) be right or are there better options for the bit more sting in the SLR rig?
Also any issues I should be watching for with this version of the V2 box?
Many thanks in advance :grin:

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Welcome @DishD. I got hands-on with one on Friday and I would be very happy to add one to the armory. If You’re going to crack open the box to do the o-ring might as well change the nozzle to a alloy double o-ring variant.


@Rowan_Ralph just finished doing a teardown of one and had some comments on the cylinder head air seal.


Many thanks for that BWB, as the owner of that particular blaster Rowan’s tearing down, it answered pretty much all my questions lol ::slight_smile:


Couple of update photos :grin:


Those pics sure gave me a woody :+1::grin:


Hi Dish,

Where did you get the surpressor from? That looks awesome :slight_smile:

Thanks mate, pretty sure that was an AliExpress job, but IV seen them for sale over at X Force and on eBay :+1: