New Poseidon GBB Pistols from RPM

RPM tech shop are bringing in the Poseidon range from Taiwan

The quality looks very nice !


Prices they advertised back in early December

And that’s 1 extra mag in the stage 2 as some in Facebook questioned if that meant stage 1 didn’t include a mag…

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They have arrived apparently and will be up on the web site soon

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Must resist more gbbs

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They are also supposed to be coming in as a gel blaster done by Poseidon.

They look to be beautiful quality with 7075 CNC slides


They live streamed today they are now for sale. G18 and g35s.


Cerakoted cnc slides so should be a nice strong finish.

I like my golden eagle but you look at it funny and the paint starts wearing


Microslick cerakoted mags for them might end up being a thing for them too

More glocks. Huzzah.

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pity got that full auto selector on slide like the fb18c.
who is doing first review?

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I’ve been playing with my P35 for a week now and it has some very good features but I have to say it also has a few issues.


  • 7075 CNC Ceracoat Alloy slide
  • Ice breaker piston head, red alloy
  • Ice pick fluted valve red alloy
  • Built in adjustable barrel hop up
  • Stainless inner barrel
  • CNC alloy outer barrel
  • Perfect mag spring tension
  • Slide locks back on empty


  • Hop up comes loose and needs taping
  • Mag rubber is tight against the loading nozzle so slide sticks when racking by hand, works fine in operation.
  • Hammer spring isn’t strong enough to operate on propane
  • The circlip on the mag output value comes off and you can lose the parts.
  • Weak recoil spring edit, has since been replaced foc and now working well
  • I’m jubious as to the quality of the 7075 aluminium on the slide because I can already seen damage to the slide where the slide lock engages

I’ve fitted a Gunsmodify 120/140 recoil and hammer spring set and now it cycles on all gases and the slide is snappier.

The mag valves are a real issue, RPM have said you need to lock the slide back before inserting the mag so the hammer doesn’t knock the circlip off the valve but even though I’ve been doing that mine have still come off and now I’m down to one mag because I lost the parts when they fell out on releasing the mag.

I believe it is from the hammer strike bending the circlip causing it to fall off.

RPM are replacing the valve for anyone who has this happen but I hope the get better valves soon.


Edit as I didn’t read it fully.

It’s a bit of a shitty design for the valve. Rowan was quick to replace mine when I lost parts after knocking the circlip off

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The problem is the circlips or e clips are softer than my dick !

When I get the new valves I will be fitting quality hardened e clips

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Yeah I noticed on the one I broke it bent way too easy

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Have an all black P35 on its way, hope they fix the valve issue soon and have a fix kit available or something. Looks like a pretty good GBB otherwise.

New designed valves arrived today, look good and work well :+1:


Nice. They make you buy them or send you some?

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No they supplied them foc :+1:


That’s good. Will hit up Rowan for some for mine.

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