New receiver and drop stock

Hey all!

I was just wondering if anyone has considered the possibility of creating a lower receiver for a gen 9 that takes Vector mags, or the creation of a drop stock?


A better mod would be to be able to use P mags in the vector

The only mags smaller than the vector are the ump.

IAM curious where you’re going with this idea though

Inspired by the new KWA QRF Mod 2, and drop stock to work with a Dye Mask. Plus I like the look of the M4 with pistol style mags

That does look sweet

I’d like a Sten for just that reason

I love the vector mags, the fact you can prime them and the girls are held in, awesome

Gels… my phone’s autocorrect strikes again :rofl:

I’m always up for girls who like being held in

Butt you can prime other mags too eh :rofl:


Hey… you stole my line! calmdown laughing%20(1)

Although, I admit, I do prefer tied down :+1::grin:

we can always have a team effort m8…

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