New receiver no pins?

Hi all, just received a new receiver, but it has no pins, is that normal? Just wondering if I need to track down a set, or hit the store up for them haha

Good Evening @BenT, Imma SlingShot,

Normally I would take some time to introduce myself better than, “good evening” alone. I do go on, but then, no one could ever say that they left a post of mine ever not feeling the better off for it, perhaps a little perplexed, perhaps a little confused, but always, even if they care not to share, always with a warmer being of ones self, and sometimes, sometimes seeing a different point of view or heaven forbid, garnering a tit-bit (mmm titbits) of info.Gee I go on. Good to meet you Ben T.

I’m new to all this but I have been thoroughly researching each & every component in detail including Receiver Sets. I can only relay information from a “not in the hand” position.
So your the receiver of a new receiver. From my research ALONE I can tell you that some online Receiver pics show Take Down Pins and some do not. IMO any Asian based, (non specialised A/S suppliers), like ali, ala, etc, though offer excellent pricing and a faily decent range, many, many can be misleading with the “photo” to “in the hand” variances. Watcha gonna do, watch gonna say, they be a long long way away.

If you purchased it online back your steps up, have a look at the listing again, double check the photo & the item description and if does not note Take Down Pins included or you do not at least see them in the photo, then I would assume they were never meant to be.

If they are in the photo and / or description then I would contact the seller and politely ask “has there been a mix up” and even if not, if you word it the right way they very well might just give you a set for free, (I don’t know the current street price, couldn’t be too high, shit I’m lazy to not search that, it took the sane amount of time to write that) hint that you will be a returning customer or if you are tell them that you have purchased from them before without concern, retailers speak $$$ and some even the language of customer care & satisfaction.

So, if they weren’t meant to be, then it was not meant to be, unless you ask in your most smiley naive voice, “but sir, I thought they would have come with the Receiver”, as you would think they would, especially since there are small variances with the Receiver & Pins fitment, sloppy specs and craftsmanship, on some, and a matched set, a bit far there, a blueprinted set, a bit further there, at least a set of pins that the manufacturer / distributor / retailer knows fits the Receiver in hand.

If they were meant to be, and you didn’t receiver them, then go ahead an contact them, or if in store purchase, take the Receiver & Packaging back to the store, and ask, “Wazup”, don’t do that, or do, nah, don’t, or do. See what they say, “you say things nicely, you get nice things”

I can’t think of a site / store that sells them separately though there must be many, I simply haven’t refined my searching down that far and I am sure you would be far better off doing so yourself, where your exact needs, your location, your budget etc is known to you.

I know it was a long read for what you undoubtedly knew in the first place but too much information is never enough. I hope I have helped you some, I do know that I have sucked 30 seconds outta your life reading, thanks for hanging in there. Good Luck Ben T with your quest and what looks to be an awesome “in the works” custom build.

“Buy Once, Cry once”

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Did you get all the other fittings with?
Some come with them and some don’t
If you find out what kind you need i might have some laying around here somewhere you can have

Yeah all other bits and an outter barrell attached, just no pins. I’m not overly fussed, i can use the ones out of the old one for now, just curious if it’s a normal thing or not, I’ve never bought a receiver by itself before

If it came with everything else then maybe they forgot to chuck them in, so probably best to contact the seller


They say it doesn’t come with them unfortunately. Wish I knew that previous cause beastpro sell them with the pins and metal trigger and stuff included also haha.

Can anyone point me in the direction of a store that sells the bits pictured for a wells m4? I’m struggling to find anywhere! Screenshot_20200505-145457_Chrome|243x500