New stuff from Tactical edge - Classic Army range

New product Alert!!!

We just had some of our new Classic Army range arrive.

The Nemesis X9 (nylon version)

And the Classic Army KM10

Both full metal Classic Army gear box

Nemesis has a built in mosfet

KM10 does over 300fps out of the box.

Nemesis is about 280 - 290fps out of the box

Both will be under $400.

Heaps more details to follow. These will be up for sale mid next week.

Limited numbers but more of these and other new models on the way.

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It’s awesome that they’re getting new stuff in but do we really need more ARP and M4 variants?!?! CA make heaps of different stuff how about putting up a customer poll for future items?


They did mention on the Facebook post they have other stuff coming. I guess these are just what they think will sell better initially

So now that they’re actually selling, as anyone had any experience with these? They seem pretty decent, mosfet and everything.

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Ordered Px9 should arrive Tuesday. Was told today its basically a rebranded “Wells Arp9”. IDK but shell does look the same. Internals different though

Please let us know! Very interesting that it’s apparently default with 11.1v even with the mosfet…so definitely interested

The features it has stock is what I’m doing to the xyl arp9 atm and is ambidextrous. Will post info when it arrives np.

man for almost $400 it does not come with batteries WTF

I don’t use the shit batteries that come free with blasters anyway so no loss for me


Second this - but I am actually really interested in how this one goes.

Classic Army PX9. Got weight to it. Put XYL in picture for reference

Looks like cast iron gearbox

Specs at Tactical Edge disappeared. I thought it ambidextrous. Might have read it wrong. Feels nicer and more quality but I have little experience with CQBs only XYL arp9. I like it for the price and what u get & 15% off (thanks to @Dudefromoz posting discount code :+1:) paid $318.75 delivered + bought extra mag bc u get only 1. Waiting on 11.1v battery to charge to test performance


Did U also get the cyma

Yeah tan. Thought I posted pic in other thread. Tested at wacol. Won a lot of fire fights


Just gave mine a Camo paint


Useless plastic shit.

New stuff from our friend’s at TE

I’m always surprised how many of the retailer’s come here to promote their products…pretending to ‘be’ part of the community that funds their businesses.

1200mah turnigy 11.1v
single fire
Seems to misfire on auto. Couldn’t get consistent reading fps + rps to show on full automatic

Using STD orange gels
Handle/motor a little warm but was shooting auto for a few mags trying to shoot enough balls to get consistent rps. Prob use single & burst mode 3-5 rounds (when I work out how) mostly so I’ll keep it stock bc happy with performance or until something breaks. Solid blaster though sounds snappy. Too dark to test accuracy. Tomorrow


How’s that px9 perform??

Saw some pics of one of these the other day. Looks like a wells cast styled gearbox with a radius job from factory.
Wells style cylinder, head & nozzle etc
Cast metal gears with CA imprint into the bevel gear
Hall sensor style mosfet


Will post shooting tomorrow in daylight. I’m not good at explaining things. Easier to show u :+1: but I really like it Straight OOTB.


$318 is a pretty good price too mate id be happy to pay that!

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