New to gel blasters

Hey I’m new to gel blasters, was after some advice on which rifle everyone would recommend to begin with ? In terms of customizeable, good range out of the box, things like that. Currently interested in the M4a1 either gen 8 or 9.

Hey mate. Im new as well but from the research i have done the gen 8 or 9 JM m4a1 or the well m401 are the ones.
If you like the look of the other blasters out there I am sure they will be good to as a lot of them use the same gearbox.
I ended up with gen9 m4a1 and modded it a bit.
Check out low quido chop shop on youtube. He reviews both of those blasters and heaps more.
Hope that helps.


Welcome @Gareth_Myers. If you’re keen on the M4 looks I’d go towards the Gen 9. I’m a big fan of the Vector as it’s been really responsive to mods. That said my favourite is the JM ACR.

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Hi Gareth… I would recommend a Gen9 as a good reliable first blaster. Right out of the box they are pretty reliable on 2S.

Watch Guido’s videos and get familiar with how they work, then, keep your stock one together and get your upgrades together, then build a second one with the upgrades… keeping old faithful ready to play with while experimenting with the second being built out of good bits :grin:

Woops! How to dig up an old thread 101 :stuck_out_tongue:

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I think if I could start again, I’d get an M4 (J9) and leave it stock as my [Old Faithful] then mod a Vector into an alien monster weapon…

Too much $$$ invested to back out of the current builds now (I’ll get a Vector going one day :cry:)