New to the Game and Lovin' it!

Thanks to you guys for taking another newbie under the wing.
Here is a pic of my collection so far.


V2 Scar with 1.3 spring
Green O-ring and hop up

ACR/R J10 1.3 spring
Green O-ring 35cm 7.5id barrel and hop up

Classic Army HK416 (stock)

LDT HK416 and LDT MP5 both stock just waiting on 2 1.18 ausgel springs and O-rings

I have been reading for a few months since i started collecting just before Christmas and have learned quite a bit from you all and is very much appreciated!!!
Hope too keep learning and having a blast lol


Nice collection :sunglasses: Great to see that you have already tripped over the edge of the Rabbit Hole…but beware…it’s a fkn deep hole and you need to be strong to survive :open_mouth:
Welcome to the madhouse and great to have you here :+1:
Keep the mod updates coming :white_check_mark:


Got any local fields you like haunting?

welcome to hell don’t use the door knob or cake pictures happen :rofl:


Thanks DocBob
I have read most of your threads and they have helped me quite a bit so thanks heaps mate

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Thanks mate, that’s exactly why we are all here, to help each other out and make sure that we all get the best experience out of this hobby :+1:


he’ll hate us after one friday night I put $400 on it :grin:

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“Have a strong credit rating to survive”


I am still yet to hit the fields Captain
The closest would be gold coast which is about an hour away for me.
Which fields are your fav around GC?

bit out of my travel radius, the furtherest east I’m likely to travel for now is guerilla blasters at logan (next weekend I’ll be trying it out if all goes according to plan)

I am in Logan quite often and would be keen for a couple games!
What are the rules e.g FPS limit or certain magazines ect??

Just purchased a XYL ARP9 3.5 for CQB any info on this blaster for maintenance or easy upgrades would be awesome cheers.

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Awesome choices @Mysterio👍

I had to check :flushed:
That looked uncannily similar to what my floor looked like last night.

Here’s some ideas for your ACR when you feel up to trimming some of It’s excess weight:

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Ive had my arp9 for over 12 months and have opened up the gear box once?

I swapped the barrel out for 7.5mm in dia. 200mm long ausgel and it helped accuracy and fps. Also added a rizer hopup

Ive modded mine to the point of mosfet failure, which it has yet to do ;).

Has a chihai purple high speed and torque motor, (39k at 8.4v), short stroked 6 teeth, shs piston and a poms head, and a 1.3mm constant rate spring, and shes running at 250fps at 24rps on 7v, and accuracy is sub 20cm spreed at 20m

Once I finish building my new cqb blaster, an going to pull it down for a full service and work out what i plan to do with it, but start with the barrel and hopup and play with it :slight_smile:

The beastie, barrel and stabilising mods. A bit of closed cell foam wrapped in electrical tape


Haha yep i found out when i pulled the ACR apart i stripped one of the wires so trimming is an awesome idea thanks Calnky!!!
I will be doing this next time i open it up

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Ssrotel nice looking piece you got there with good accuracy by the sounds of it!
I was reading a post you were in the other day about the 20cm 7.5i.d barrel and hop up so i am definitely taking your advice on that and just leave the rest stock for a while
Cheers mate

Not familiar with their rules yet, but I’m pretty sure there are minimum engagement distances and an fps limit. Mag restrictions I’ve only ever heard of in speedqb.

I’ll have a look around and see what I can find for specifics

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Ok, no fps limit but at a distance of 2m or less is calling bang bang distance. Unless it’s a no bang session


That is pretty sick!!!
And that is in Logan?
This Classic Army 416 Is hitting pretty hard lo
Need a chrono in the next online order i think gaha