New to the Vector V2

Hi gang. Just got a new Vector V2, looking on this forum and others I see people are frying the mosfet on these. Is it from running a 11v battery with stock insides? 11v battery with bigger motor? 7.4v battery bigger spring? What combination is frying the mosfet? Or can it just go when blaster is totally stock?

I plan on just o-ring, metal barrel (and 11v battery if this won’t cause mosfet problems). Regards.

some really basic things to love your vector long time…

1: don’t dump mag after mag in a single trigger squeeze
2: a 1.25 / 1.3 / m80 / m90 spring is plenty. heavier springs need more current which is why ppl fry fets
3: 3s / 11v is tawps :slight_smile:
4: a decent alloy barrel makes a huge difference - use the original t piece
5: the stock motor is wholly adequate, not awesome, but adequate

if you want to get really natty…strap a ezfet to the output of the stock fet and let it handle the current switching

EDIT: the vector uses a longer than normal spring too so no generic POS off the shelf el’ cheapo unless you know its length


how hard is installing a ezfet? would that save the stock fet and keep the 3 fire modes? any links to/or installation guides. cheers.

Rewire the stock fet and use the motor output to trigger the easyfet.

Fire modes are retained in the original get and high motor current in the easyfet

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Hmmm, not sure I’m confident enough to do that. Might be a job for someone else. All good info though.

I have two Vectors on 3s lipo with 100s of thousands of gel through them and both still have the stock mosfet but I don’t use springs over 1.3mm or high speed motors.
The stock motors arn’t too bad at all.


Thats good news. Exactly the set up I’m going to run.

1 more question. I see a flash/spark coming from the motor when pulling the trigger is this normal? The flash/spark is even bigger with 11.1v battery.

Yes it is normal, it comes from the brushes where they touch the armature :+1:

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Great. Thanks. Sorry for all the questions, I still got more haha.

It’s ok you can ask whatever you need :+1:

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