New Tracer Unit, daylight compatible

ACETECH Brighter C

$60 US
Weighs only 32g
Motion activated on & off function
Tucks under Suppressors
USB charging
Dual LED strips for complete Gel coverage
Daytime operable (unsure just how well)
Waterproof and Gel compatible


I feel that would turn itself on in my bag on the way to the field and I’d end up pissed off with a flat battery lol

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Well that’s a legit thought, I wonder how they get around that, didn’t hear or see anything mentioned, nice pick up.

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Runs by shaking… so could it’s timing also be off or is it using the vibration of piston slap to turn itself on?

I watched a review on it on YT, air s o f t mike.

Turns on with a shake in standby mode and if I remember correctly, if you stick a pencil in it for like 10 secs, it will hard shutdown

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Once it’s on, it stays on until you shut it down.