New V2 LDT LDX (Basic) vs (Advance) Gearbox

  • What are the differences between the 2?
  • What are the improvements compared to the old version?
  • Currently only new LDT metal MP5 range has (V2 Basic) & UMP45 has (V2 Advance) correct?
  • How do these gearbox‘ compare to others?
  • Videos



Mosfet. That’s essentially it. Blue uses a trolley and red uses a brrr mosfet.

The ump mosfet from what I’ve heard is slightly different but basically the same.

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G36C will be next?

The advanced is red so it goes faster


‘Red light travels faster than other colours of light in substances, due to red light having a larger wavelength than other colours of light. When light enters a denser substance than the one it was previously in, its wavelength decreases, and therefore its speed decreases (since its frequency remains the same).‘

G36c seems to have identical v3 gear box with same exterior mosfet as the ump45

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Gelsoft Frontier do their own version of the ldt ldx advanced box. It has CNC 18:1 Gears, BigRRR Mosfet, Poseidon CNC piston head, SHS Piston etc.

Can buy them from Strikeforce Mod Shop.


Yeah. It’s a good box. But doesn’t have a locking pin if you are putting it in a mp5. I got mine from FTB at Browns plains.

The new ump, and the coming g36c isnt running the ldx v2 advance box. They are running a v3, similar to an ak47.

The mosfet isnt a bigrrr like the ldx advanced

Kinda waiting for the g36c to drop.

Wanna pull it apart :slight_smile:

What ump are you talking about ?

The new ldt one … its not an ldx box. @Orzo ‘s post at the start kinda sounds like its thought to be in that, but its not.

It looks very much like a ldx advance box. What is it if it’s not that ? I have one here that I can’t tell the difference between my ump box and the ldx advanced and it comes with a bigrrr program sheet I’m fairly certain

you’ve opened the ldt ump up and pulled the box out?

I dont have one, but bro-in-law bought on the other day, and we are chasing info before we crack it open

If you have, you didn’t happen to have pics youd be able to post?

Haven’t cracked open the gearbox yet but I’ll pull the fucker apart tomorrow and get some pics for ya. What did you want pics of exactly ?

No I lie I have pulled it apart because I removed the blow function. No pics but

Just watched a tear down video. Definitely not an ldx advance box. Really just wanted to see the box out of the receiver

Its the rate of fire, and the noise the box makes… contemplating what to do with it

Was quite good on the field thou, so in 2 minds.

Bro’s other blasters have ended up heavily modified and … currently in different states of repair.