New version of Well M401

I see M4A1 Blasters have a video out of the new Well M401 V3.

Good to see NWell (or XWE?) have changed the front of the receiver. It’s now threaded (delta ring screws on) making it easy to put different handguards on. They don’t say what sort of t-piece is in it though.
Also the way the buffer tube attaches is now more like the other M4 type receivers. And, according to the reviewers, the reciever is made of a “newer / better” type of nylon.

But, did they make a decent nylon gearbox shell to put in it? NO :sob:
I can’t believe they didn’t fix the biggest problem with this blaster, just put the plastic box back in.

I have to admit, I’m a little prejudiced towards them. Here’s some of the collection.

Actually if anyone has some Wells parts they don’t want, I might be interested. You can never have too many toys (and parts) :grin:

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Heard it is this standard receiver in the coming ,but not sure for which gel blaster

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With that screw-in post in the front of the lower, it would have to be for a Well.