New Wells G36 v3

Just received my Wells G36 v3 and its doing fine. As mentioned by others it feels a little heavy on the front. However overall it’s fun and I paid a little over $126 with Express post. Overall I am having happy days.Have a great week.

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May I as where from @Hozay50?

A very underrated well made blaster, robust and problem free, I have an early model and love it, so much so it’s often the first blaster I choose. Zhendou have them listed for $124.99 (Aust stock)… Free postage if you spend $30 or more and if you purchase 3 things in total you get a further 20% off. So if you purchased the G36C an 2 bags of gels (66c each) for $1.32 you’ll get it all for under $100 delivered, what a bargain!

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toyandhobbywarehouse7 on Ebay,have purchased most of my blasters from them.Mention PYEAH during check-out in the Coupon section to have G36 v3 reduced from $149 to $127 with Express Post.I ordered 7am Thursday morning and received the package 8am the next day interstate.Always happy with them except for their overpriced ARP9 I got that from Armoured Heaven.Have pics of my set on here.Take care.


is the shell still hard ABS or is the black shell Nylon ?

I was looking at the clear receiver one, but that black is much nicer👍

Don’t quote me on this but I think the Black is nylon, the clear is hard abs. I have the clear model but plan on painting it. It’s a nice little blaster with a cool mag setup being able to clip 2 together without a mag coupler.

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Yeah Clear V2 was my very first blaster, my original one broke but i have another one since i had a heap of the mags. Onthy thing i noticed on the V2 transparent mags is the coupler clips arent moulded they are glues & the glue sometimes breaks.

Anyways I just ordered a Black V3 and some mags cos… G36… and the 3DG one looks like its never coming.

Finally painted the ole girl up.


Looks fantastic,love the two tone color outlay.“Wells” done.Sorry dad joke.Amazing…