Newb alert - Gen 9 outer barrel

Hi everybody - new to the forum -

I’m new to gelball and am upgrading my gen 9 ( familiar thread by the looks!) but am having issues attaching the aftermarket forend I have bought.
Mainly I am not sure how to secure the outer barrel so to stop it spinning, The outer barrel flange is threaded to fit the receiver but it’s way too large for the outer barrel - any grub screw would not touch the edges of the outer barrel - I have another flange that fits snugly on the outer barrel but it has no thread to fit the receiver and it doesn’t fit the Noveske fishbone!
Any guidance appreciated
Crossbow !

Welcome to the Forum Crossbow!

You have the same Noveske Fishbone i have, and the only way i have got the barrel to lock in is to use a stable ring

This will be put on the other side of the fishbone opposite to the receiver side

you use the large grub screws to lock the barrel in place, and use some of the screws that come with the noveske Handguard to screw into the remaining holes.

Its a bit of a crappy solution but it does work. If you find grub screws that fit those holes in the receiver adapter ring in your picture i guess you can lock the barrel in there but it doesnt come with those from memory

Cheers TerryB
I will try your solution and see how I go - I can see a bit of ingenuity is needed to get things done with these toys