Newb question of the week

I have tried to search for an answer so without finding one, so I have to ask. I am building an M4 from scratch, I am looking at stocks and have found ones I like but they are labelled as gen 8, I am using an SLR receiver, Now I have a gen 9 buffer tube which fits perfectly. I know the attachments of gen8 and 9 tubes to receivers differ. But will a gen 8 stock fit on a gen 9 buffer tube? Are there any real dimensional differences? I’m still a newb at this and don’t own a gen 8 M4 so I have nothing to compare it to. My only Gen8 based blaster is my UMP, so I don’t want to order one that doesn’t fit.

Thanks everyone in advance.

Yes, most buffer tube stocks are universal, with the exception being stock for the vector and some of the ‘advanced’ telescoping stocks. So as a general rule if it’s for an M4 style blaster, unless it specifies it needs an additional fitting piece it should suit.

It’s not always easy to get them on (Hk416 anyone), but they should fit.

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Thank you very much, appreciate the help… Time to go shopping !!