Newbie Here. Lj From GC

Hi All.

Glad to have found this forum and to be involved in the Gel blaster world. Would be cool to meet peeps in the area for a friendly skirmish or just chill.

Currently working on my 2nd M4A1 Gen 8.
just trying something new cuz I’m bored of camo lol.

Hope I can contribute with any questions or any assistance you guys have. I gotta small back ground in Electrical/Some Paint tricks/or anything. Be more happy to help :slight_smile:

Cheers guys! /


By the Way Lads, That Grease is the best in my opinion it’s waterproof also:)

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Hey there, welcome to the forums. It is an interesting paint scheme, something a few of us like to do.
Should be a few peeps in your neck of the woods, if I am reading your name correct Lj from GC…GC being where I think it is, should be getting better weather than I am at the bottom of S.A. :joy: :rofl:

Yes, camo seems to be all encompassing at times and for me I am replicating copies of the real steel I used. My Steyr AUG is just getting done using the colours left over, so unfortunately it will still look camo, but nothing like the Aus version.

Checkout the section on painting your blaster, some nice work in there, even some hydro-dips.
Cheers, Jeff

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Hey hey …welcome to the zoo…

With that opening attitude in sure you’ll be handling noob enquiries in no time.

We’re all over the shop and between the ever growing brains trust there aren’t that many blasters we can address with plenty of expertise

Sharing is caring :+1:

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Welcome! And I for one LOVE the used look :heart_eyes:


Hey Mate.

thanks for the welcome. I’m also still a noob but I like inventing things especially with electronics and When gel blasters arrived…For me was like match pair from heaven cuz i also love blasters then modifications! haha.

What blasters do u own?

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Too many

Couple kvv2
JJ SLR native
JJ with a ra box
JJ with a mk box
Couple g18 and a sacrificial one (for Dev)
He punisher

Couple beaten to death ones I probably won’t bother resurrecting
V1 wells m401
V1 Rx am 47

Oh…and how did I forget the fs2000

If you want a bonkers braindump of ideas and things to do or consider, that collaborative build thread is the tits


Thanks Jeff for the welcome!!

My name is Lj. Correction, I’m from Gold Coast:)

I agree, I love camoflouge but only desert Tan is my speciality and my favourite. I’m Experimenting and tryna be more creative with it but hey, practice makes it look Good right? :slight_smile:

That AUG is very good actually, If you remember counter strike, I used that AUG: B44 :slight_smile:

What Gearbox does the AUG have?

Lj, I’ve only been messing about since we were actually locked down. I was driven to do it through the forces of occupational therapy and now I cannot stop :rofl:

I think the AUG is a V3 gearbox from what has been said, but it is in a polycarb wrapping :anguished: For all intentional purposes, it does feel like he real thing, holding it and even the strip down is closely similar. By and far one of the better Bullpup designs but the F90 Atrax eats it for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I found I have Low Guido Syndrome LGS now. My first blaster was bought in Feb this year and I swore black and blue I could never do those mods. Now I’m one of his coffee boys and I bought my fourth blaster today, like all the others as soon as I get it, a few rounds for fun, then LGS kicks in and it is in a hundred pieces on the table to see how and where I can improve it. Nothing ever stays together, not even for the one month warranty.

Fix it or F*#k it, then fix it again…That’s me! :thinking:

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Lovin the used look mate! Well done and welcome

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It’s nice to see something different, hey? :+1:Good job.

Welcome to the group, man. I’m sure you’re gonna find more than enough interesting, different and occasionaly just plain weird things in here to keep you happy. :joy:

Too many?

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Thank You Mate. Hahaha. It’s all good, it’s just cool to see that there’s a gel blaster forum hehe.

Because lately, I’ve been searching Google, YouTube on how to do mods. They are helpful, however it’s also best to speak to real humans.

What’s your blaster like dude?

Dude, Why not make your own blaster with all the parts, you got :slight_smile: haha.

I’m thinking of wiring an led light to the cylinder where the m41s open when priming. Since I have the easyfet hooked up, battery lasts for a bit… hehe

Recent discussions made a very good argument for three of each

But then I’d not have enough wall to use the projector for pew pew SciFi movie nights

Yep we’ll I still got some purchases to make then :wink:

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We do.

Majority of lads here have blasters that will be a Hodge podge of various bits to meet certain needs or looks.i am not backward to taking to my gear with the dremel


I have a few different blasters I hack at from time to time… :wink:

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That’s the way man.
Have you got anything for Gen 8? I’m chasing the Transparent shell. Stock Hand guard for m41.

Nope, no Gen 8 parts… transparent shell? Thinking of the Well maybe?