Newbie Here. Lj From GC

That’s be the g36 or m401

The M4 only had a transparent receiver

Ah… Would that fit the JM M4A1 GEN8 RECEIVER tho? Thanks in advance.

Anywhere close MG, or Nrct?

@ljkustomz think you’re getting a bit muddled up there… :laughing:

Like ZeHamish said, Well M401s came out with transparent receivers. That’s the main body shell of the blaster. Jin Ming M4s might look similar but they’re very different blasters and not Well compatible.

If you’re dead keen on an M4 with a clear receiver, you’d be better off picking up a Well. That’d be your best option. :+1:

Maybe he is talking about the gearbox shell :thinking:

Both are gen8

images (2)


Is that a clear XM receiver? There ya go then… I stand corrected. :+1:


Yes XM316 M4a1 split receiver

I only said about the gearbox because his question above seem to suggest he wants a gearbox not a receiver :thinking:

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Muddle ups the word haha. Actually the gearbox shell, my bad.

Well is cool aswell but I’m gonna do more research heheh


I went back to Camo paint haha

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when in doubt do what you know…LoL

Can’t show you mine yet, it is like a “Sarah Lee”…layer upon layer of sweet goodness. Goodness what the F*#k is it? hahahahaha


Jeff lol, I’ve finished the paint but my metal fishbone arrived lol

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Nice, so, you paint that too :thinking: paint has no feelings and won’t mind LoL. I waited for my metal front before I started… then I found a damn replica of the Scope I used after I had finished, but I had run out of the dark brown, so it looks a little lighter…for now!