Newbie Question Part 2

Hi guys and gals, as some of you may know I bought the HK416 “Singularity” version and at the time was wondering about the LDT HK416D V3.0 and what the difference between the two was in my first thread. Pic related.

As far as I can tell the Singularity’s build quality is very good, it’s nylon everything and has an Azrael -singularity industry “V2 style” nylon gearbox on it with quick spring release design. Pic related.

At the moment, the only major issue i’m facing with this blaster are feeding issues, basically the “7-8 mm” gels I’ve bought from tactical edge (same place I bought the blaster) are only successfully shooting effectively every 5-10 cycles of the piston/cylinder pump, it’s very frustrating.

The hopper is a split top bottom T-piece design and may be one variable in why feeding sucks. One thing I know is for sure, the alluminium barrel that came with my blaster is almost 8mm in internal diameter! Pic related.

So, before I mess around with getting single T piece hoppers or start opening up the gearbox to check seals etc, I’m going to find proper gels that fit correctly with my barrel. Any ideas where I can buy gels on the larger side?

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Wouldn’t it be better to replace the barrel with a 7.5 or smaller ?

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You can get 9-11mm gels off ebay

Yeah and they’re softer than my ****

7.5mm or lower mate. 7.5mm + = rubbish bin.

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