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I’m completely new to Gel Blasters and was completely sold on the whole idea, at long last Australia now has a way to have actual fun under this nanny state, or so what I thought in my head when some family members were parading around their new gel blaster toy for christmas (Vector)

I was looking all over online, as I had to get my own, I decided to go with the HK416, but am now confused by my purchase decision, What is the difference between a Singularity HK416 and the LTD HK416D? as advertised on

Holden Commodore or Toyota Lexan

Both look the same but there are subtle differences.

You’ll see this a bit is blaster land. Particularly with the AK-47, SLR and M4 platforms

For the most part the model is an aesthetic look whilst the brand indicates what’s in it

I’ll leave it to the others to clarify what’s in them as I don’t have either

What Hamish is trying to say, is that the Chinese copy EVERYTHING… so all of our blasters are clones of clones of clones… each manufacturer trying to make them cheaper and cheaper to sell more… and because there are so many clones available, some good and some not, the sellers of the REAL brand name blasters lose alot of sales… so they have to charge exorbitant amounts for them…

However, because people assume an expensive blaster is a genuine one… some sellers on ebay put huge prices on cheap blasters making huge profits and the buyer gets done over again…

So, this is a real cunnundrum… but the price can be a guide on the low end anyway… if someone is trying to sell you (on ebay) a top spec blaster, (that normally sells for $300) for $69.95… it likely wont be a real good genuine one.

What you need to do is get a reasonable blaster to begin with to get you started… I think the HK is a good place to start… even tho I think it sounds like you got a cheap version, it will teach you about blasters.

Keep hanging around here and watch Low Guido’s videos and you will be able to learn alot about blasters and what is good and what is not…:+1:


Not quite but still very valid and what a problem that is too :angry:

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Welcome brother to the aussie outback jungle we call gbf. My advice along with what hamish said its holden commodore or toyota lexen. And because holdens are better than toyota or even ford lol. I would suggest the ltd hk416 as ive got one myself and their well build better quality and from talking to those who opted for the singularity its accuracy is better. Hope that helps


Yes, because everyone knows it’s better to start with a functional sh1tbox before buying a decent vehicle


As tongue in cheek as that is, holds true for blaster land too

Thank you all for the response, I will remain with my order of the singularity then. I am super excited regardless and will plan on fully immersing myself into the Gel Blaster scene further down the line…


Oh you have much to learn young Padua :rofl:

Welcome to the obsession

I look forward to reading your ravings and wins as you work through any number of crazy mods, upgrades and customisations

Or should that have been…come…be with us…


Also AliExpress is your friend if you don’t mind waiting for parts.
Don’t ever buy one spare, buy two or in my case 10 of everything because I break a shite load :joy::joy:


Just referred a friend myself! he got the AK gen11 on the same store, and thanks for the advice everyone!

It doesn’t matter what you choose for your first blaster… it wont be what you want… as soon as you get it you will realise you should have bought something else…

Then, when you buy something else instead… that will be wrong too… because you should have bought something different…

That is why we all have 12 blasters and are still hoping the NEXT one will be the one we really want/need badluck laughing%20(1)


Bah Holden and Ford :face_vomiting:

it’s like comparing Prince Andrews left shoe to his right shoe, at the end of the day they are both still on the sweaty foot of a pedophile :joy:


One for every day of the week @Calcifer

And one back up for each

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Obsession it is. I spend way too much time pouring over Ali Express for parts :joy:

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Only aliX?


C’mon white bread… Commit :sunglasses:


Haha, not only AliX, but that and Gelballmod are where I do most of my business at them moment.

Don’t forget chgbbs and zhendou

Both contribute positively to the forum and have useful bits at decent pricing


Chenghai I occasionally visit but never heard of Zhendou - add another one to the list :stuck_out_tongue:

Edited: OMG Zhendou have the spade grip for the SAW I’ve been searching for. :tada:

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Both are outstanding suppliers

Strong the force i sence with this one