Newby question, I know its painfull!

G’day Gents,
I’m new to the gel blaster world and after watching quite a few tare down vids and browsing at a few moding options I have a few questions. I Purchased a LDT HK 416D and I’m looking at doing a few upgrades when it arrives, like metal gears, s/s cylinder, spring etc.

I’m having a hard time figuring out which parts I should be ordering since most parts are for jm gen 8 and 9 gearboxes etc. Would any of these parts run in the Warinterest no.2 gearbox? Alot of its very vague unless you’ve got prior knowledge.

I know this probably seems pretty silly but any help would be much appreciated.

Havnt played with one yet but i assume by no2 gear box you mean version 2 or V2. By the looks of it, gen 9 metal gears will go in.

Someone might give you a definate answer

Yeah not sure Sam it’s just the description they used on the site. They say gen 2.5 as well? Might just run it stock for a while till some more info becomes available.

I was just going to get a Wells but liked the build quality in the LDT and picked it up for a pretty good price off ebay. Thanks for the imput mate :ok_hand:

My suggestion, talk to @LowGuido he is the master of info mate

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Too easy, I’ll hit him up. His unboxing vid was the main reason in the choice of blaster. Thanks again.

I love the look of the ldt. If i had the bucks id get one. Its mad

Yeah I wasn’t too fond of the price either until I came across some on ebay for $290 and I had a $29 voucher so it only cost me $261. A lot better than the $349.95 pricetag. I just hope it is as advertised when it turns up next week lol.

Im sure it will be. I think guido said its a solid gun with a nice feel

We will see. What blaster/ blasters are you running?

Pimped m24 and a stock project m4a1 gen 8

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Nice! I was holding back on getting one but I found out a group had formed in my area and had put a skirmish area together so it made the choice easy then, lol.

Both of your blasters look so awesome

Thanks mate. The m4 aint anything special yet