News article saying Gel Blasters now banned in SA, anyone know anything?

Just saw a post over on reddit, anyone confirm it?

No new information we didn’t already know, B709 forms have been put on hold from about 2 weeks ago pending further discussions and compromises.

At this moment gel blasters are still legal to own, sell and buy in SA.

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Thanks for the update mate.

Import forms (B709A) were on hold since as early as late Feb/early March. Its just the Police minister didn’t apparently find out about it until 2 weeks ago. Several retailers were told back in May (after lots of other tall tales from SAPOL) that the issue of permits was under review & none were being issued. No actual explanation of what “under review meant” except one person was told “under internal review”.

(11th of June)

Infact Prior to minister Wingards letter several members of the GBAA received letters and emails from their local MP’s who did not know anything about any proposed changes to Gel Blaster legislation or that Import permits were being with held which is a worry. SAPOL are apparently running the show and setting the rules now not Parliament.

here is one of the ministers responses (this was from 5th of June)

so one one minster says he knows nothing, then 6 days later Wingardt says these are firearms…

The main thing we found out in today’s article is that the Shadow Police minister (so the minister from the opposition party) also supports this move. The only difference is he has made this all public now.

There is also this though i have held off for now.

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Thanks mate, that answered question for sure. You’re a champion. Let us hope that this turns out good everyone.

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This was also on the news tonight, which gives a bit more info.

For those of you like myself that might have missed this.

They say the review will be finished by end of this year, but SA retailers will not be able to import stock so they will be financially finished by then without stock to sell.

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Channel 9 uploaded the video too so you don’t have to watch a recording of the television.


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I figured for the price of what 2 blaster mags maybe ? to help protect the sports, its a worthy investment.

And Dachongies Please spread this on reddit if you can too, the more SA people who sign up the better.

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It was with GREAT interest that I read an article on my news feed. The Sydney Daily Telegraph and 7 News (vomit). Teens armed with knives threaten and terrorise commuters. They are the target of a new police sting. Just a point of interest, as I did do research two weeks ago and noted that over the last five years there have been nil fatalities to GBs while there have been several fatal stabbings in SA. Still no Regulations passed on Knives or kitchen ware, housewives or BBQ freaks being given time to have a reason to own and use a lethal knife…just saying!

most police armed confrontations are alcohol or mental health related.
25k call outs a year are people breaching dvo orders.
They bring up 2 incidents with gb and thats an issue.

Nice trigger discipline there from the SAPOL at the press conference… guess it doesn’t matter because it’s a toy maybe?

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lol yes, as a more or less former knife collector every time there is a stabbing they go and ban say butterfly knives, double edged knives or bayonetes. Were any of these 3 objects used in the crime that took place ? no but they look dangerous…

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