News on Alpha king Ak 74M?

really interested in this blaster but haven’t been able to find any information besides from renegade blasters any one know anything?

Or any news on ANY alpha king branded gear? Got flashed around a heap but then disappeared.

End of July release

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Thank you :pray:

NP :+1:

I am hanging to get my hands on one of these puppies, hope they turn out to be as good as they look

That looks pretty sweet I have a 4 inch rail and don’t know what to do with it might make a CQB build

Hell yeah @Rattler I preordered both the Phantom Extremis and the F1 BDR-15. Can’t bloody wait, should be getting them pretty soon!

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Omg you capitalist bast**d :joy:
Now I am envious :blush:

When I get them I’ll post pics, I’m honestly surprised they are even still available for this long and did not get bought out.

If they are truly in the 270fps range with quality internals these will be the go to blasters. I know APS doesn’t have a fantastic name in the Airsoft world but Gelsoft will be a bit less demanding on the box.

I wasn’t game to pre order because I am worried they won’t get through customs being full metal.
But yes they seem to be great value

There was a video of him using it in gelsoft game in Brisbane, so they already got some through customs. That gave me hope, but that isn’t a whole container load haha.

you have a link to that video? would be interesting

Unfortunately it’s a 3d video, so it’s hard to watch properly. But he is using the Phantom Extremis.

Thanks dude so much :pray::pray: thing looks like a bit of a beast

Yeah the only thing is, we have had zero updates on these blasters for months and it’s almost end of July. So hopefully hear something soon.