[No Longer For Sale]: XYL ARP9 + accessories

Hi all, for sale is this xyl arp9.

Location: Brisbane (happy to post to where ever).
Price: $420

Never taken to a game. This was my first gel blaster and has probably had approx 5-6 magazines worth of shooting out of it in the backyard.

I find LiPo batteries a hassle and a little worrisome so I have decided it isn’t for me. Maybe one day will go for a Co2 or green gas rifle if/when they arrive.

Want to sell the whole lot, not individual items.

  • 1x XYL ARP9
  • 1x AT1000
  • 2x Magazines (ordered a 3rd magazine from Zhenduo on May19, can send this too when it arrives)
  • 4x barrel extensions (these were needed for the tracer unit because the handguard was too small)
  • 3x metal side rails (installed already, the stock plastic/nylon ones were bad)
  • 1x Tactical KeyMod Vertical Grip
  • 1x spare t-piece
  • 1x B6 imax battery charger
  • 1x 1200maH 11.1v Turnigy battery
  • 1x 2200maH 7.4v Turnigy battery (never used, this has XT60 connectors, the blaster has mini tamiya)

Can throw in these if you want them:

  • 1x speed loader bottle
  • 1x ArmourTech Ultra (opened packet, probably 80% full)

Now the thing is I have opened this blaster up. I opened it up to remove the crappy blue dummy bolt. You can see it in this teardown video.

I also was told by another chap on these forums that gluing the inner barrel to the t-piece made this thing shoot like a laser so I have also done that. It did nothing for accuracy as far as I can see. The spare t-piece is there if you don’t like this though, you’ll just need a new inner barrel.


Price? Location?

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Oops! silly things to forget.

Location: Brisbane (happy to post to where ever).
Price: $420

Hey just wondering if you would do a trade?

Sorry mate, I’m looking to get out of battery powered gel blasters.

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