No power? 5-10m distance

Just finish putting the gen9 together.
Black nylin gear shimmed and oiled.
Green o-ring on stock cylinder and plunger setup, pressure/leak tested.
Stock spring.
350mm 7.5 ebay inner barrel.
Motor and 7.4v battery from my working acr, battery is charged.

Result is short distance, no more than 10m range.

The motor and battery was working fine with the acr, how ever the gen9 is shooting weak.
Any idea what could be the cause?

PS: also tested with 11v battery, rof increase, motor and piston seems to be functioning with no issue.
distance still the same.

Is it possible to be a fault in the power line causing it to not send enough juice to the motor?
or the spring has degraded/weaken causing such issue?

Return spring is usually first check.

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Any idea of fps ? Before and after .

If your confident in a decent air seal then I’d be looking at the return spring and spring etc basically open it back up

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Return spring for the tappet?
Seems to be operating fine, tested it manually by turning the gears and looking through eject port under openation

No idea of fps atm sorry :confused: crono not here yet.

Seal in the cylinder head and piston has no issue, just open the box to double check everything too,
all seems to be fine. the only leak is at the stock nozzle which is a given.

I have changed out the stock gen9 spring and put the stock acr one in, acr one seems to be a little bit thicker =.=?
will have to test tomorrow and see if that helps.

i mean to be fair it is essentially a stock gen9 everything except green o-ring on the plunger and cylinder head + shimming.

shimming has also been checked, rechecked, and checked again just now,
no grinding, no surface rubbing, no play,
all three gears seems to be spinning with out resistance.

If the seal is good.
Blow in the muzzle with the plunger pushed forward. There should be a lot of resistance.
Cover the barrel with your finger while shooting it. You should hear a significant difference as it should have to work a lot harder when the barrel is blocked.
If not, it is leaking.

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Has it got a hopup on it?

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no it doesn’t,
but i might have found a possible cause = .=|||

the centre rod on the black nylon sector gear is much thicker than the stock gear,
causing the tappet plate not being able to push all the way forward then released,
there is a gap about 1mm-ish :neutral_face:

i took the tappet out and sand back the contact area a little and now it seems to sit flush with the front of the gearbox, now it actually makes a hitting sound when releasing it.

hopefully that’s the cause :hot_face:
which is actually rather interesting, coz i had a look at the SHS metal gears,
and the centre rod is about the same size as the stock white gears,
maybe it’s only an issue with this particular set of black nylon gear :grimacing:?
(me and my bad lucks on buying part…)


yep. well done. part of building these is tweaking stuff to fit and make them function, get use to it.

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hopefully that is the issue,
if no, hahahaha… i will cry :sweat_smile:

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