No semi auto in gen 9

So I have a brand new stock gen 9 gearbox, everything is working fine except for semi auto. I haven’t opened it up at all. When semi is selected it stays in full auto, safe and full auto work fine. Anyone know why this may be the case?

try moving the select switch a bit off the mark… sometimes if you click the switch to where it should be, it wont work… but if you move the switch a little either way, it comes good…

Yeah it’s full auto all the way around until the trigger locks in safe.

Two options

1: Warranty and deal with their “it doesn’t really matter” with an “I want anyway”

2: crack the box and learn real fast

I’ve seen a couple good AS vids on trigger block tweaking although no ideas when. Shove “trigger cutoff adjust V2 blaster lever” into goofs and something will pop up

three options actually…

I think you NEED to get another one… just in case…hell%20yeah :grin:

Then you can start upgrading the ‘faulty’ one you have now badluck laughing%20(1)