No Tappet plate nozle,

It’s been done from ya brother from another mother, it a deleted line.
Thought concept had merit.
This wat it looked like.
Why think didn’t take off?

How does that work? Looks like it would be used in a completely different gearbox design

it won’t allow for air seal prior to piston return which would throughly destroy fps

The title of the post says “no tappet plate”.

I’ll admit I am certainly not the sharpest tool in the shed, but I can’t see how you are going to get the piston to return without one (or something similar). Or are you thinking of some type of air-operated setup?

Actually it will have an air seal permanently, it won’t retract to allow gel feed :rofl:
It would still need a tappet or something else to retract the nozzle

That’s what I meant to say (retract the nozzle, not the piston) Brain not working too well this morning :confused:

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This how I see it works in concept.
Like a one way valve. /pressure relief.
Similar to hpa, it a hybrid sorta thing in a aeg.
Alow higher compression energy build up B4 open and feed in one action.
It would be in closed position. Open for feed.
The spring would sit on nozzle flange and between were it feeds. Pushing nozzle temp back in closed air position.
Can’t see in pic. But there would be ports in cylinder head face around the outer of where the normal nozzle shaft hole would be. This Alow air through from main cylinder into now a nozzle cylinder + now a nozzle piston.
Air push nozzle piston forward when enough pressure built for it to happen. /determined by spring resistance.
The relief part, can just see those slots in pic.
On cylinder shaft… That the travel length /feed stroke B4 open. Slots allow air enter through inner of nozzle and shaft from the nozzle cylinder.
B4 those slots on main cylinder side shaft it would be blocked.
Merrit part I thought, was transfer of energy.
Obvious get rid of tappet plate.
Downsides, regulate open pressures= spring tension.
Being in closed air but open feed position will that cause feed issues. (multiply balls)
Sealing of nozzle tip in open air position.
B4 pressure drop transfer of air.
Interesting concept,
Get it refined to work as intended maybe why it didn’t take off as proven system to replace tappet.

See bottom, comments.

I replyed under with a comment

That what spring does but reverse, goes forward.