Noob gel blaster

Hello all I’m new to the gel blaster game…
Looking to find a blaster for myself my wife and 3 kids… Im wondering what’s a great out of the box blaster to purchase… I’m looking at the vector. But not sure what’s a good one to get … basically looking for good performance out of the box and ease for moding when the time comes… if the question has been asked please ignore lol.

The alpha king ak range is very top notch, for $280 you cannot compare, the wells m401, kublai m4, jinming gen 9 and the vector are very good as well but haven’t got either the internals or the performance.

Out of every blaster I have the only thing that doesn’t need upgrading is the alpha king.


Thanks for the info. Looked the alpha king aks up on the utubes looks promising. Might go that route…

Yeah mate, my Alpha King is good fun, reliable, powerful, could be a bit more robust and if you have kids playing with it a drop in the wrong direction could be a major setback …
The ACR J10 is a fantastic blaster ootb and is very very robust! All it needs is a hopup and your on…

ACR 10 is good if you actually get one out of the box working

A good ol’ Gen 9 or a J10 are also good options… cheap, but work quite well out of the box and easy to upgrade.

I would suggest getting a good 1.3mm spring and slip that in first up and you have a good blaster… either of them, but i would sway towards the J10… I am a bit over the ‘generic’ look/shape of the Gen 9… and the public seem to have the image of the Gen 8 - 9 burned in their head as ‘evil’… so it suits me to prefer the look of the J10

So, I would say, go for a J10, get a 1.3mm spring… if you were confident, I would say, get a seal too… but that involves opening the gearbox… it sounds scary, but if you watch many of LowGuido’s chop shop videos… he shows you exactly how to do a seal (and why)

Guido’s vids are a wealth of knowledge, he covers nearly every aspect of gel blasters in deapth… well worth a look and subscribing… Watch some of his videos before you go buying something… I think everyone jumps on their first blaster and regrets their decision… until you buy and run one, you don’t/can’t really know exactly what you want…

So, make the first one you buy CHEAP laughing%20(1)

Oh, and the rule is… Dad has to have the BEST blaster… can’t have the little tackers having the best blaster an sho0otin’ down dad… it’s against the rules badluck
So, you’d better get two blasters… one for you… and another for them (that you can sabotage if they try hunting you down) rofl


I recommend the ACR for yourself. Love my acr and plenty you can do external and internal when ready. Maybe the mp7 for the kids and the ump45 for the missus. I’m building a ump45 but haven’t used a mp7. Lots of reviews on YouTube. Prob best to drop into a shop and get physical with the blasters. We all have different preferences and you might and the fam might hold one and know that is the one. Good luck bro.

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It is not just blasters, it is everything from RC stuff to golf clubs and everything in between… as soon as someone opens ‘a shop’ … they immediately have big overheads.badluck

Say someone decides to start selling something, especially something with a limited but volatile market… such as gel blasters… they rent a shop that costs $1,500 a week, pay someone to repair/upgrade them, pay a staff member or two, keep the bank happy AND make some money yourself… they may find they have to sell 10 blasters A DAY before there is any chance of a profit… so that is 56 blasters a week… 250 blasters a month… to break even.ceazy

Add to this, they outlay alot of their OWN money to buy enough stock… they may buy 8 different models… 5 sell well a few of one other and 2 models are slow to sell… so, these become dead stock… but they have to order more of what sells… the dead stock is money tied up… more money has to be spent and they still need to pay rent and wages… and fight off people wanting free stuff and sponsorship… sf-fight

From ordering the stock, by ship is probably 4 weeks, plus bond storage/release, plus tax (including on freight) plus, plus, plus… Then they have to have an accountant, BAS statements, advertising, business registration… people buying blasters, taking them home and trying to upgrade them… not successful… mouth off how ‘bad’ the company is and what a rip off they are… for not just handing over a new one to ‘replace the defective one’ … and if that isn’t enough… the blasters could become illegal overnight. drama

So, these shops MUST sell their stock at the best price they can, to make a profit… (so they dont have to sell 15-20 blasters a day to break even). ceazy

The trouble is, that they have to sell their stock…the very same item you see on ebay or Amazon for $135 delivered… for $225 plus freight. They could not survive selling them for that price… they couldn’t even survive selling them at $180… but the guy buying 10 at a time and selling them on ebay from his bedroom (at mum’s house) can. He can under cut the shops real easy…

I feel sorry for the shops personally… I simply can’t afford to buy a blaster from a shop… even tho I would like to support local shops… I just can’t pay $225 for something I can get off ebay (delivered) and most of us on here are the same I bet. :thinking:

So, shops can really only survive on people new to blasters, who don’t look on ebay, who don’t know anything about blasters and ‘Just want one… now’ and of course, service and spares have to cost plenty to help cut down how many blasters have to be sold per day before turning a profit (or breaking even)

It is a cunundrum which there is no answer to… the shops have to charge big to stay in business… but often people look at things in the shop, decide what they want, then go home and order one off of ebay.

On the flip side, shops can’t lower their prices because they will have to sell so many to break even… and if they cant break even… why bother?

So, the cycle remains… The shops have to sell at a greater price… so less people buy from shops, so shops have to put the prices up more… which makes more people buy from ‘China’…

the sad truth…violin Yoda22

Sorry for another ‘novel’ laughing%20(1)


@Calcifer if this was in relation to my post about the kublai m4 being sold for $599 at oz blasters i got my kublai m4 from a gel blaster shop not even 500 meters away from them for $329. I totally understand having overheads but realistically the blaster costs just over $100 from factory, everyone I spoke to at oz blasters had no idea how to mod a gel blaster besides the battery and the spring. In my opinion they’re in it for the newbies and the parents to bang out an extra buck.

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@Calcifer, that may be a “novel” (your words, not mine), but it’s a pretty good description of what is involved in starting a small business (plus all the red tape). I haven’t had one, but friends have, and it’s not something for the faint-hearted.

I have noticed that in the 12 months I have been buying parts, some of the online stores overseas have increased prices. And in some cases, the quality of the items has certainly decreased.


Agreed, have noticed price increases on AliExpress since they have obviously recognised the demand has increased. As much as I would love to support the local businesses, I don’t have heaps to throw at this hobby so spend a lot of time shopping around.

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