Noob here in need of assistance

Hi guys

I was having a few problems with my gel blaster and was wondering if any of you might be able to help.

I do not know all the terms and names but I will explain it to the best of my ability and hope you understand :grin:.

So a while back I brought a 480 chihua motor, 18:1 metal gears, a 1.3mm spring, a metal toothed Nylon piston and a universal black o ring and i put them in my gen8. For a few days it was fine, until one day whilst firing it, It sort of stopped, like when I pulled the trigger I could here the motor straining to pull something almost? So I opened up the ■■■ and discovered that my metal toothed piston had fallen apart and the head of the piston was stuck in the plunger tube(?) and its parts were entangled with the spring, stopping it from going back.

As to date I do not know what caused it, but, I have a few theories:
1.excessive Dry firing
2. I lost a screw and had to rearrange where all the screws went and maybe that stuffed it up?
3. The spring or motor was too powerful?

Those are just my thoughts but I suspect it could be a combination of 1 and 3.

Thanks in advance any input would be appreciated grately by me as it will be a good learning experience for the future :grin:

Thanks in advance

Sounds like the screw holding the piston head on came lose and the the piston would have broken
It’s best to use thread lock on most of the gearbox screws and the piston head :+1:


I destroyed a gen 8 once with a 1.3mm spring. Fuck it blasted hard for a good 2 mags though

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Forgive my ignorance but what is thread lock?

Loc-tite or thread lock is a liquid you put on screws and such to stop them coming loose


I see I might have some of that in my garage actually thx

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Also im trying to put my piston back together but i have no idea what order the washers and ball bearings go in. Anyone Know where i might get a picture or something showing in what order they all go in?

Washer, bearing , washer. make sure the grooves go towards the bearing

images (3)


ok thanks a lot for that I did think it was like that but wasnt sure😁. and thanks for the help everyone I appreciate it👍🏾


well i put the ■■■ together now, and Fuk it blasted. But now it wont feed. When i first shot it it would double feed then, when i used it the next day it would shoot but even then 50% of the shot were dry, like a gel ball would come out then nothing and then another. (also the Motor and the battery get worryingly hot. but i believe this can be fixed by upgrading to higher aws wires). I have been reading about other peoples feeding issues though and i think it might be the gells could be getting stuck cause of their size. Ive heard that some people say that the Tappet or nozzle is too long, but i only had this problem after i put everything in.

Idk though, But what are your thoughts

Thanks a lot guys

List all the upgrades you have installed.

It could be one of many things

480 Red Chihai, metal toothed nylon piston, 18:1 SHS metal gears, a 1.3mm spring, an 11.1v battery and a bigger Oring. i think thats all.

also i think i might have put my mag terminals back to front. which one goes where?

Positive wire closest to the switch

hmm that means my mag terminals are back to front :joy: could that cause my feeding problem?


Yeah, the mag feed wheel only works properly spinning one way around…

It may be correct but look wrong as china loves using whatever colour wire they want , as in your positive may be black. Just trace it back to the motor.

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will do thanks

My favorite most recent one was eveything off the trigger switch being red. Confused me for a second …

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Before i had taken my blasters gearboxes apart i thought an acr mag would never work on my gen 8 m4 because i could see the wires and on the acr and the colours were reversed.

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