Noob quest- gear ratio to plunger ladder- does it matter?

So I bought 18:1 metal gears but only have 15 on my plunger ladder. Works perfectly. Am I missing something? Would appreciate some help :slight_smile:

The only gear that’s different between 16:1 and 18:1 is the spur gear (16:1 = 36 outer teeth & 21 inner teeth while 18:1 = 39 outer teeth & 20 inner teeth)

The teeth that engage with the plunger ladder are exactly the same so it will always mesh properly :wink:

Edit: Depending on the ladder, one of the teeth may have been removed to prevent any problems after adjusting the angle of engagement (one tooth is almost always in the way so it is shaved down or removed altogether)

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The 15th tooth is often not there, or you have to remove it because of ‘Angle of Engagement’ issues… it gives the front tooth on the sector gear a clean hit at the last tooth on the ladder… sometimes part of the 14th tooth needs to be dremmeled off too…

The intertubes is your friend… Search for AOE … lots there

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I’ve watched his vids a while back their pretty good only issue i have is the bloke loves the sound of his own voice so the information you need in a 30-40minute videos is only 5mins but it’s hiding so better off persuvering through the whole vid once

Sometimes to learn new stuff, you have to listen to some fluff… to find the gems hidden within… :upside_down_face:

you know that just summed up what I said but in better tone lol