Not Locking back

My p1 will no longer stay locked back when magazine is empty.
I changed to metal slide and barrels. Is this the issue?

I haven’t spent enough time with this blaster to be really useful but have earmarked this for re-neducation

This would be the component involved in your pickle I expect?

Have you don’t any maintenance on it?

1st off take the slide completly off,now insert an empty mag…does the slide latch raise up as if to lock the slide? If not now check the feeder tube on the mag,On the feeder tube of the mag when it emptys a little notch will protrude which raises the locking latch for your slide…1st check that thats not broken off… if thats still good then look at the inside of the locking latch…theres a little triangle piece on the latch which is what the notch on the mag hits to raise it up…it may need a bit of a bend to get it to engage…hope this makes sence and helps


O had to work that a couple of times but yea, that is a really good how to

reworked by @zeHamish… great job bro👍much easier to underdtand lol… thanx

  1. Take the slide off
  2. Insert an empty mag
    2.1 check the mag is empty: left side of the gel feed there will be a 4mm x 1mm tag that pops up
    2.2 if the tag is missing, the mag will need repair
  3. Does the slide catch raise up into the position you’d expect to lock the slide back?
  4. If so, look at the inside of the locking latch as it wraps around the front of the mag
  5. There is a small triangle piece folded flat on the assembly which is what the tag on the contacts to raise the slide lock
  6. It may need to be bent down a little get it to engage properly with the mag empty tag

You’re the man with the plan m8 :+1:

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That problem happens from dry firing
Doing it to many times will bend the little tab that the mag empty pin hits to hold the slide back
It’s only ment to take a hit once per mag empty

That did the trick. Thanks mate

Was it the triangular tag needing to be bent down a bit?

Sweet as mate :metal::+1: glad it worked

Yea, just a tiny bit.

What’s the go with the P1s? Is it just metal upgrades or is there performance stuff as well?

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The mag on the the right has a longer tity bit than the one on the right

This is part of the upper gel chaser

The one on the left doesn’t look broken, perhaps it’s factory short. It’s the one that came with the p1s

Quick bodgy fix would be to build up under the triangular slide catch with so e PU glue or such. Only a little