NOTICE: Members in banned states


i really dislike having to get my grump on but…

Any post clearly attempting to circumvent any territory or state law will be immediately DELETED.

Repeated offenders will be dealt with administratively.

If you are deleted on a false positive and can demonstrate a non VPN IP in a gel soft allowed state your post will be restored without fuss.

Whilst the forum members may disagree with the edicts of the tyrants we can not support the open flouting of laws (legitimate or not) to the detriment of the entire sport nationally.

It is unfortunate that I am having to take such a harsh stand but we need to protect the sport where it is still legal and pursue the reversal of unjust laws where it is not.



Well said, furthermore it’s in the posters best interests not to disclose any potential offences they may knowingly or unknowingly be committing by possession or use of gel blasters in certain jurisdictions. We only have to look at some recent incidents where users have been allegedly subjected to search warrants for unknown reasons.


Just reading this now, 10min after i have flouted the new position taken by Admins, for that i am sorry and meant no malice.
I am old enough to remember the concept and evolution of the WWW, it meant so much to our own evolution, I fear now the regression has appeared on my block so to speak.
Unfortunately as a society or group as it may be, what one or many scribe will make no difference to the outcome of any new proposed Acts/ legislation. As sad as that is, too believe otherwise is madness.
So have we have arrived at a point where we must be muted for the good of all and potential outcomes, and even a mention of salvation for those that dare tempt the laws of the land,be they deemed fair laws or not. Yes indeed, a sad day.
I am in no regard slanging off at anybody here, I know it takes a tremendous amount of work to maintain and grow the site.