Noveske fishbone JM M4 A1

Hi Guys.
Newbie here,as the title states,i bought above mentioned fishbone with the intention of getting the adapter at a later stage.
My searches has taken me wide and far and for the life of me,i can’t seem to find one that i think would fit the receiver.[twist and pull handguard]
I have though found a cylindrical adapter but not to sure if it is the correct one? I got some response on the F/B page but still unsure if it is the right one?
Further more i will want to fit an alloy outer barrel as well.

Are you trying to fit this to a Gen 8 or Gen 9?
Monkemods has this to suit the Gen 8

Hi Arnie,

Welcome to the sport of Gel Ball. the M4 is a great place to start (either the GEN 8 or Gen 9). I have a Gen 9 with the Noveske fishbone attached. To fit it to the Gen 9 you will need to remove the spring loaded push in peice that is attached to the blaster body. It is a little tight and is a bit awkward. To do this after removing the original hand gaurd (upper and lower) you will need to push the retaining ring in towards the body of the blaster and unscrew it (anticlockwise if I remember correctly) From here the adaptor is fitted to the blaster and you attach the fishbone to the adaptor. Keep in mind that you will not be able to keep the A frame front sight in place and will need the front adaptor as well.

Good luck with your new money pit.

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Mr Judd77
Thank you for the reply,appreciate it.
I have the gen 8 with the twist off front guard, so i will continue my search.
What a lovely sport to dump my hard earned cash in! haha!

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Hi mate.
Will upload pics in the morning for a better idea.
It is a gen 8 m4 a1 i am trying to fit the fishbone

Arnie, either of these should do the trick:

Cheers mate.
This is what I had in mind.

That one will work to attach the Noveske handguard, but I think you will have issues getting a 19mm outer barrel to attach as well, if that was your plans. the one that @Freeman93 suggested has the smaller diameter section on the front end to also hold a 19mm outer barrel in place.

I got the Noveske handguard for my gen8, but gave up in the end and put it on my gen9, because i couldn’t find a suitable adapter. I didn’t know about @Freeman93 suggestion at the time though.

I only saw it while I was looking for Noveske for one of my builds, I don’t have a gen 8 so I have no idea on them :slight_smile:

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My 19mm barrel slides straight into the hole and secures with two grub screws.

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I recently bought an MI handbone that came with a threaded adaptor and a Gen8 style adaptor. The item description stated that the adaptors were meant for that particular fishguard. The threaded one fits beautifully but the Gen8 adap. is super bloody flimsy. So much so that to fit my J8 it and the fishhand are going to need some pretty serious modification. As it stands now, when fitted as per regular method there is so much play that it might as well not even be a gel blaster part.
Just thought I’d share that so you guys are aware that whilst it looks like it ‘should’ fit, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will (properly that is).
Hopefully I’ll get some time today to do said mods so I’ll get some happy snaps to shed light on what the hell I’m taking about…

Note: I use the term ‘hopefully’ with a fair bit of misguided optimism as my toddlers are both currently being spawns of Satan so there’s a good chance I won’t get to do anything blaster related…


Your gonna get roasted for that one :joy:
Where is at @Calcifer


Mate I look forward to seeing the snaps of your HANDBONE ,FISHGUARD and FISHHAND😂

Yeah damn rugrats, gotta love em though !
I am well past that stage in my life but it was the best time of my life :+1:


Yep, love em to bits but right at the moment they’re making me wish my ‘handbone’ never worked…


My imagination ran wild,reading-Handbone-Fishguard and Fish Hand!:rofl::rofl:

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Nah man, taking the Fish



I think we’ve been patient enough !
Where are the snaps ? Or did the pests get in the way ?

Yes, sorry.

This is the size difference between the adaptor and the receiver end of the handguard. Not a lot and was expected

As the caption states, the clamping force of the guard provides unequal pressure upon the surface of the adaptor. I wasn’t expecting this to be real steel, rock solid by any means, as a matter of fact I was expecting some sort of disparity in the size/fitment.
I’m going to remove this part…

… with my dremel which should allow the enough flex for the guard to bite onto the adaptors surface more evenly. I’m going to just wrap the adaptor in electrical tape to fill the gap before I make irreversible cuts though to see if that works. I hope that clarified things a little.
Again, I wasn’t expecting micron thick tolerances here, it just took me by surprise a little at the amount of play.

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