Now I'm poor again.. but so happy

Which is interesting cause I’m using 4 week old black label at 7.2-.3 and min fires fine

Yeah well the stock mag didn’t fire amazingly with the AKAs at vipertac either. Guess it’s just play around and find out what works

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Well just purchased the 3309 after everyone showing off their candy and the RAPTORS code works on CEH. Thanks all

I quite like the DB green gas mags - 2 arrived today for my AA g17, and they are sooo much better than the well co2 magazines.
Minimal gel smashing, but i need to do some work on how they marry into the mag release.

How much does the Raptors code discount it by?

It was 10% 30 odd minutes ago

Hmm I think I’ll stick to I hobby and 8% off they have to the forum… They are more reputable from what I hear so deserve the sale more… But thanks anyway…


Okay so mag update. After talking to the guys at Vipertac, they said they put the mag spring from the stock magazine into the double bell one, and it locks back perfectly - puts the slide lock fully up into the catch.

Tried this with my own mags and yep it does work. They said they are looking at getting in spare springs to upgrade the DB mags to make them work.

I am poor till next pay now , but yes , so happy and I haven’t even got it yet.

Ended up getting this one as it was slightly cheaper than the standard 1911.

I also went for the co² mag. Dunno why. I think cause they had bulbs but not gas.

If im not happy with co² is it a case of just using a greengas mag from that point , or after 1 type of gas is used you gotta stick to it , if that makes sense.

Ive got a whole heap of reading to do.


Yeah just change mags to green gas if you want to later.

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