Now that gas pistols are a thing, what holster is everyone getting?

trying to find something universal,
something that fits skinnier 1911 and wider sized glock and beretta,
saw this thing on ebay, no sure if it’s any good tho,
that release looks like it might get in the way of getting a solid grip…

what is everyone using for holster already?
or planning to get for they new pistol(s)?

i need to graduate from this shameful DIY cardboard whatever-it-is :joy: :rofl:

Ill be going duel forward facing shoulder holster, good ol 90’s cop style

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I’ve ordered a Swiss arms adaptx holster.

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From where O.O??

Nice! Kinda miss that old school look Ordered a molle adapter for it too from eBay.

That looks cool

did you have to supply certificates to allow import of gel blaster parts = .=?
i tried to order a red dot sight and propane filler adaptor but they wouldn’t send it unless i supply some documentation, then cancelled my order

No, but a holster isn’t a controlled part

Hellweg ex Aus army holster for HiPower fits both Beretta 92, Glock 22, 1911 45. No you aint getting mine in AusCam.

That is all I can see available online, unless you scour around more. It is also not made from Cordua and a parade item.

Shove it down your pants should be room there :rofl:

Uncle Mikes makes some good nylon holsters. Happy shopping :stuck_out_tongue:


Sounds like the best idea is to get a soft holster,
That would safe time on adjusting when switching pistol too… Hmmmm

I wasn’t aware that red dot sight is regulated item :disappointed_relieved:

It shouldn’t be. What documentation did they ask for? I’ve bought a lot of real firearm accessories. Actual ■■■ parts are the only things that should need an import permit.

Import permit I think it was.
So I wrote a mail back explaining the sights and propane adaptor is not regulated item, asking if they could send it, no reply and 5 days later my order got cancelled :sweat_smile:

I really only need that long nozzle adaptor thingy from them tho, and they wouldn’t even send that which was really disappointing

Was going to order one of them but they were out of stock

Evike say that about every shipment to Australia
If you email them and say “the part xxxxx is not restricted in this country” then they send it. :wink:

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Mine got cancelled :laughing:
I will re order again then see what happens lol

My order got held up on customs. I’d bought some o-rings which got listed as ■■■■■■■ parts. Phone call from UPS and a quick email to them and it’s released and on the way