Nozzle O-Ring(s) Drama

How in the blazes do you get the o-rings in the nozzle?!

I’ve been trying for maybe 15 mins now with paper clips, safety pins, screw drivers, and dowels :angry:
(the original thin black o-rings are easier to get in but they leak a tiny bit of air so I’m trying a thicker brown one)

Anyone know the secret to putting these guys in their place? (I’ll love you forever if you do)

If you are trying to get a really fat o ring in there, it may not fit.

Our O rings need to be quite thin, but they APPEAR to be too big and loose on the plunger. I just put the O ring on the plunger, lube it up, offer up the plunger to the cylinder at a slight angle so most of the piston and O ring are in the hole, then poke the rest of the O ring dangly bits in as I feed in the plunger.

The O ring should dangle off the plunger so loose that there may be 5mm of space at the bottom when the plunger is held horizontal.

Trying to use a fat O ring that looks like the O ring fits the plunger perfectly… is wrong. The green O ring should be about the same thickness as the original black one… only the diameter should be slightly larger

Sounds to me like you got too fat an O ring

Think he is talking about the nozzle o rings :+1:

Yeah, these O-Rings are the ones giving me trouble…
I gave up and put the original black ones back in (super easy to put the thin ones in but they leak a bit of air :frowning_face:)

Went and got a whole bunch of different ones but as soon as it’s a little thicker it don’t sit right no matter what…

The thin O rings are ok, add some grease and they should seal ok… the air will find going out the barrel the easiest path

Added some grease and put it all back (waiting for t-piece to set then I can use the blaster again)

Thanks for the words of wisdom, saved me time and agony (was borderline about to sand one down then heat treat it and try that)

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When/if you notice it becoming less accurate or less fps over a period of time… or just when you service it, just add a bit more grease. make it part of your routine :+1:

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Just a thought but you could try putting the rings in the freezer for a few minutes I remember having to do it when changing the wheels/tyres on me old rc drift cars made life a heck of a lot easier with them


I’ll give it a go (can’t hurt :wink:)

Get some of this lube is 80w (pure silicone) shock oil from I find that the best to use for my rings and cyclinders as takes ages to wear off so I’m not having to re grease them as often

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