Nozzle seal and tappet travel

I’m hoping someone can chime in too help a brother out with some much needed knowledge.
Pretty much my issue is the amount of tappet travel I have isn’t enough to allow the nozzle to retract far enough back to allow gels to feed consistently through from mag into t peice and also push far enough out to seal the nozzle tip into the barrel.

The setup I’m running is a R/A split box with an SHS one peice cylinder and the red Fighting bro clone alloy t piece.
I could be wrong but I believe @Cypher99 you may have run a similar setup?

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No idea how to help right now. But if you wait a few weeks for the tappetless cylinder head by azraels it should solve this issue

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What tappet plate?
Have you tried another brand, some have different tail dimensions (length and wing) which can change tappet pull etc etc

How much are we talking about with t piece seal?
Say .5mm or something??
If it’s minor you can always shave/sand a little bit of the face of the tappet plate…


I fixed the issue by shaving off a bit of the back of the tpiece to allow for the nozzle to travel far enough for a good seal and retract just far enough to allow for gels to feed. But this was with the original WAT gearbox in Kublai Omega. I posted it somewhere in the Kublai thread.
I’ve never been happy enough with my RA split set up and it is now sitting there waiting for another rebuild.

Would you say unhappy enough that you would sell said RA split box? :thinking:

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It’s the white HSG tappet and havnt tried any others as of the late but have been tossing up shaving the front off slightly, but have been putting it off as it’s putting out around 35 rps and didnt to destroy it. I’d say the seal is .05mm off being decent but this is as far back as my nozzle is being retracted in the t piece. I can shave a little off the front of the nozzle but this will obviously require more shaving of the tappet.

I have been having slight feed issues but I have a feeling it could be due to my mag not feeding fast enough will be upgrading to high speed once I solve the nozzle seal.

What nozzle?

I have a similar setup which was high speed until I cracked the shuts with empty mags

Using an as m4 nozzle and a tappet shave

Its an SHS to match the one piece but I don’t think that’s the issue. It’s the tappet travel vs how much travel of the nozzle is required to be fully open to allow gels into the t piece and closed enough to give a good seal. It’s looking like my only option is to shave some of the front of the tappet. From my picture from the above post where you see a tiny bit of the nozzle in the t peice. Is that to much being shown? It’s firing on single but not consistent on full auto

If you need a tiny bit more tappet pull you can do this trick, get some old gearbox bearings.
Crack the out side of bearing and remove the balls etc, you want the internal ring in the centre.

That centre ring will slide over the tappet timing lobe/cam on the sector gear.
Different bearings have different wall thicknesses so you can play around.

I had to do this with a HSG tappet plate.


I have ready done that. The tappet is utilizing all movement the gearbox allows

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My only other thought in the case I can’t get enough out of sanding the front of the tappet is maybe putting a rubber o-ring or rubber washer inside the t peice dono if that’s a thing or will it cause more issues?

unhappy with my current set up, not the box itself :upside_down_face:

Delay chip?

The problems more a seal issue due to the amount of tappet travel I need which I’m currently using the max the feeding issues I’m pretty confident is due to the mag motor. Actually does anyone know how to open these mags just a cheapy from @Chenghaigelblaster has a button on the bottom but can’t seem to crack the bastard open

slide the bottom plate off - optional

top two little retainer recesses, push in - they break easily
slip the internals up and out

Which top 2 retainer recesses are you referring too? I managed to slide the bottom off

Two little recessed bits that look like mag catches but aren’t that are in the same place on either side

Must be a different mag to this one.

Noticed the little pin once removed it just slides out


that does not look like the top

Na that’s the bottom so once you slide the bottom off I push the pin out and the inside of the mag slides out