Nozzle sometimes stays back

As the title suggests, I changed over my spring in my std SLR to a m100 to see how it goes, but the nozzle sometimes stays back instead of being pushed forward. But it still fires fine In single and auto? I’m not sure if it did it before as I didn’t take it apart before but I noticed it when it was in the receiver putting it back together. It’s all together now and I can see it sometimes stay back when I look down the t piece with no mag in. I’ve ordered an alloy cylinder head and a new nozzle combo, I have a hardened return spring and a green O ring, once it all arrives I’m hoping thatl all sort it out ? Am I on the right track to fix it ? Or any other ideas on what it could be ?

Thanks in advance

It is probably just the cycle is stopping in a different place now and again, the larger spring changes where it stops because it may not run on as much as it did before, if its firing fine its not an issue


Does the number of notches on the ARL part of the bevel gear have anything to do with where the piston ends up after a cycle? For example, the standard 4 notch bevels as opposed to the higher quality 6 notch bevel gears?

Edit: Damn it I just reread your post with the ‘it may not run on as much’ part…

All good mate, at least your thinking about it :+1: