Nozzle wobbling?

Hey first time modding

I just upgraded the cylinder head and nozzle in my J10 with this one

After I installed it the nozzle wobbles around is that normal?

Generally they will have a little bit of movement, especially when theyre all the way forward like that but once the t piece is covering the nozzle it won’t be able to move like that.:blush:

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Also it could just be the angle of the photo but it looks like it has the SLR nozzle tip on it?

See the difference in the nozzle tips?
The normal JM nozzle tip is rounded off at the edges

while the SLR nozzle tip is tapered in.


Thanks man, that makes sense hahah. Yer the nozzle is definitely tapered in, does that matter? The listing said it was for gen 9

I assume it would still seal alright but the JM t piece is designed to suit the rounded off nozzle tip.

Didnt come with a spare rubber nozzle? Sometimes they come with both the slr & jm tip.

Cheers. Na no extra nozzle, I might see if the original one will fit

The orings are in the nozzle right?
Only ask cause I’ve seen them come without them installed :thinking:

Yer mate, I thought the same thing but, they’re there

It should never do that, with/without o-rings.
I trust my calipers over listings anytime.
Nozzles come in a wide range of lengths and 6-8mm ID.

From memory, ACRs are J10 but it depends on the cylinder head you’ve chosen.
It may not be ideal for the experienced modders but when you’re new and until your range of spare parts grows a bit, buying nozzle, cylinderhead and pistonhead as a set does make life easier.

I concurr with cruise. That nozzle doesn’t fit that cylinder head. Definately shouldnt wobble like that.