NSK bearings you say?

Just watching @galapagosj 's video on his 416d. Anyone else using NSK bearings? Have a part number to share?

monkee mods sell them but only in 6mm in stock.

Just take one into you local nsk dealer and they’ll sort it for you

You could just go to the online NSK catalog and find out exactly


What if I prefer FAG bearings? noidea :money_mouth_face:laughing%20(1)


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I have been buying bearings for many years from a Chinese manufacturer called Fushi bearings , they are some of the highest quality bearings I have ever used not the normal rubbish that comes out of China.
They also have a eBay store.

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Anyone got contacts for a ceramic bearing manufacturer? I need more bragging rights :laughing:

No one in NZ would ever buy that brand of bearing Rattler…

They sound a but Fushi eh Bro? noidea laughing%20(1) rofl