Nsw gel blasters

Since old mate won the case in nsw having all chargeres dropped im just wondering if there any any events or people in nsw ( sydney area ) that know of any groups that play.

While I wouldn’t say “he won” I’d personally say the prosecution couldn’t prove their case. Gel blasters are still classified as firearms in NSW and so still illegal to own in NSW so no groups that might exist would not post on a public forum.

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All 30 chargers found not guilty by jury Im not sure what you mean he didnt win. Even not guilty to the 30 secondary chargers.
I understand people are still abit worried i guess ill have too wait a bit longer

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Also im curious as to who classified them as what you said. Police dont have the power to do that. They will tell you they do but they dont control legislation or how its interpreted thats up to the courts. Also this case set a precedent.

The NSW government set it.

Yeah, seen this, a total wank if you ask me. Gels ■■■■■■■■■■, wow…

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Says nsw police not government

State police agencies can not make laws that is up to the government, its only internal policy they can not make “expert determinations”, Gel blaster/gel soft is in a grey area and there are currently moves to make it legal.

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They recently posted this garbage

Yeah its absolute dribble, there isn’t even a name attached to it.

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There would had have been some arses kicked after that court case all right. 25 minutes for a jury to return unanimous not guilty verdicts on 66 charges.

I hope it becomes legal, I have always envied other countries that have air soft.

very long 25mins for brad

Totally agree.
You would have seen the video he posted afterwards. A very relieved man.

Iv considered moving nations because of the laws in this place. Cant do anything fun


its best to ask the government itself instead of the police, I think for gel blasters in nsw this is the nsw police’s Chernobyl moment

aka its only a matter of time till they become legal

yup, it’s a reaction you would expect from an agency that is so buried in bureaucratic processes nobody in the agency knows where to start with approaching this issue the right way.

This release is a memorandum from NSW police that they will charge you in accordance with the Firearms Act 1996, but that memorandum is not a legislative declaration that they are legal or illegal.

When police charge you with a crime they are taking a position that you have broken a law and you should be prosecuted accordingly. Courts exist because the Police are not lawyers; the job of determining whether or not the charge is correct, lies with the dpp and the courts. This is why the court system exists.

The problem here, is that it doesn’t matter if they are technically legal or not. The administrative process of navigating the court system in a place such as NSW is a burden on the respondent, as you saw in Regina vs Towner.

The police are taking the approach of dragging anyone who tries to do what Towner did through a long winded process, so they do not have to deal with something as significant as a legislative change with regards to gel blasters. It’s a huge job. And as much as we know that 99% of people do the right thing, that one person who does the wrong thing out of 10,000 responsible people is enough to create a public reaction that the police do not want. Those alarmists that are panicking over that one dickhead who got stoned and decided to drive around with a gel blaster, are also the ones who make the votes. Votes that determine who your police commissioner is, and who your state representative is, who says what you can have what you cant have.

Anyways, we are here to share information and news about gel blasters, so that’ll be the last time I ever talk about that. Carry on gentlemen!