NUTBAGS unite! and lend my your brains - wells m401 custom

ok so ootb, i can build, i don’t mind but the end game here is a single blaster with field swappable barrel and spring to go from crazy CQB to SNIPER.

if someone has this already, i’m happy enough to buy it from you too if you want to part with it.

The wells 401 has been identified as it has relatively easy access to the spring.

the details i’ve decided on so far

  1. springs, 1.2 (pistol mode) 1.4(rifle mode), 1.5(sniper mode)
  2. threaded aluminium T piece, multiple barrels for above configs
  3. 6mm gels
  4. 3s (no particular reason, i just have a bunch of flight packs) my selected fet will do 6s :astonished:
  5. the equivalent of a 480 motor but in brushless so i can have a speed control knob (this is actually quite easy)
  6. metal gears, plunger, head etc - obvious and usual tweaks
  7. keen to get a 6" grouping @ 30mtr, 40 would be awesome but reality and all

i would really like a metal gearbox but the ones i’ve seen have not had easy rear spring access.

now i’m aware my cylinder to barrel ratio will be all messed up for pistol / rifle configurations but i’m not really fussed about that if i select the right barrel, hopup and the 6mm…should be relatively accurate 25-30mtr

ROF isn’t really an issue, see note about brushless and speed control above.

i intend on maybe embedding the gearbox / receiver into a nerf housing, i don’t need my final solution to look military, just need it to be a flexible demon.

so the request of the brains trust…

  1. ideas, lessons learned and pitfalls of my intended outcome?
  2. has anyone tried this where did you win / fail?

Yay for the nerf housing :grin:

I ended going another way…multiple actually…