Nwell M401 compatible parts

Hi all, I have question to all those experience owner of Nwell M4.
I have intention to upgrade my standard Nwell M4, and by looking at the picture on several online store such as aliexpress and ebay its look like the parts are look the same as per Jinmming Gen8 and/or Gen9.
Back to my question, does it compatible? Esp the gear, plunger, plunger head, cylinder head & nozzle.

Hiya @Blazter. The Wells M401 box is based on an AEG V2 gearbox. So yes there are plenty of parts for them. The gearset is compatible with gen 8 and 9. The Nozzle, cylinder head, cylinder and piston are slightly different though. You can use the plunger and plunger head too but may need to check the Angle Of Engagement (AOE) and grind a few teeth down.

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Thanks for the reply and useful info.